This Dad Is Building A Collection Of Tattoos Based On His Son’s Art

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An Ontario man has been tattooing his son's art on himself and may continue the collection.

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Watch This Baby-Holding Dad Impressively Put On His Pants With No Hands

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Could you put on your pants without using hands? Watch this guy do it WHILE HOLDING A BABY.


Nothing Is Funnier Than This Dad’s Reaction To Dueling Motion Sensor Trashcans

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Nobody has ever been as entertained by anything as much as this guy is entertained by motion sensor trashcans.

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Awesome Dad Plays Oprah: ‘Backyard Roller Coasters For Everyone!’

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Will Pemble built a backyard roller coaster for his son Lyle, and made a website called Coaster Dad to show you how to build your own.


This Awesome Dad Has Been Recreating Famous Album Covers With His Sons


Did your dad ever Photoshop you into the "Birth of the Cool" album cover? Then he's not as awesome as this proud papa.


An Ohio Man Sold His Copy Of The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 To Pay For His Daughter's Wedding

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A retired father in Ohio dug up his old comic books and sold his copy of The Amazing Spider-Man No. 1 to help pay for his daughter's wedding.


Awesome Dad Makes PB&Js Cool By Drawing On His Kids’ Sandwiches Bags For 5 Years

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An easy way to make your kids' school lunch more awesome: draw on their sandwich bags, like this dad has been doing for five years.


Awesome Dad Hacks ‘Donkey Kong’ So His Daughter Can ‘Play As The Girl And Save Mario’

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Game developer/awesome father Mike Mika hacked "Donkey Kong" so his daughter could play as Pauline, not Mario.

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Cool Dad Named His Son Maximus Thor, Filmed This Sweet Video

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Seriously, it doesn't get much better than a dubbed video starring a six-year-old named Maximus Thor.

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