Someone Left This Very Sad Dog At The Train Station With Only A Suitcase Full Of His Belongings

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A Facebook photo of a dog abandoned at a train station with a suitcase full of his belongings has gone viral.

golden retrievers

This Curious Golden Retriever Has Better Things To Do Than Compete In A Silly Race

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Golden retriever's thoughts: 'I'm really determined to win --- OOOH A BALL THINGY!'


Ay, Mate! Here’s A Cheerful Dog Who Thinks She’s A Kangaroo.


Just watch Megan the dog hop through a field like a real kangaroo.


Meet Anderson Pooper, The Inspiring Wiener Dog Who Overcame Her Disability


Even with paralyzed legs, this amazing dachshund loves to run.

hero dog

Meet Ace, The Pit Bull Who Saved A Deaf Boy’s Life During A Fire

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Ace licked the sleeping teenager's face until he finally woke up.


A Woman’s Long-Lost Wedding Ring Turned Up In The Most Unexpected Place


You'll think twice about your dog's vomit after hearing this story.

i has a bucket

Watch This Timeless Love Story Between A Labrador Retriever And His Bucket

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No one has ever loved anything as much as this dog loves its bucket.


Idaho State Allowed A Deceased Student’s Service Dog To Walk In His Place At Graduation

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As an Idaho State University student posthumously received his degree, his service dog was allowed to cross the stage in his place.


Oh Nothing, Just Shaun White’s French Bulldog Dog Rambo Riding A Scooter


The legend of Shaun White's dog, Rambo, grows with this wonderful photo of the French bulldog on a scooter.


R.I.P. Elwood, The 2007 World’s Ugliest Dog

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It was announced this weekend that Elwood, the 2007 World's Ugliest Dog and star of the book 'Everyone Loves Elwood,' has moved on to the farm in the sky.


R.I.P. Giant George, The World’s Tallest Dog

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Last Friday, it was announced on Facebook that Giant George, the World's Tallest Dog, had passed away.


Because It’s Monday, Here Are Two Australian Cattle Dogs Playing Tetherball

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Watch this video of two Australian cattle dogs playing tetherball, because it's the best thing you'll see today.


R.I.P. Boogie Butts, The Half-Marathon Dog

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Hug your dogs today, folks. And tell them about the legend of Boogie Butts.


All Hail Boogie Butts, The Chocolate Labrador Retriever That Ran A Half-Marathon

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After escaping his leash on Friday night, a chocolate Lab named Boogie Butts was found after he ran a half-marathon in Evansville, Indiana the next day.


Move Over Kate Upton, It's Pickles The Etsy Hat Model

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In a perfect world, I’d be a college professor, helping thousands of students revolutionize the way we look at the modern business world by creating incredible new ideas to propel small companies and entrepreneurial enterprises to the forefront of a new economic era.


Maddie The Coonhound Is A Superstar In The Making


I have a dream that one day an alien species will visit me in the middle of the night, and hopefully instead of trying to insert tracking devices into my tailpipe they will offer me the magical or technological ability to know any time something about an awesome dog or cat is uploaded to the Internet.

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