A High School Surprised A Janitor With A Bag Of Cash So He Could Visit His Son

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Faculty and students at a high school in Kentucky raised $1,900 to send the janitor to Italy so he could see his son and meet his grandson.


Watch This 6-Year Old Hero Explain How He Stopped His Neighbor From Being Abducted

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A Chicago boy earned hero status last week, when he stopped a man from kidnapping his 10-year old neighbor.

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Meet Kwasi Enin, The High School Student Who Was Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools

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Seventeen-year old Kwasi Enin pulled off the unthinkable by applying to and being accepted by all 8 Ivy League institutions.


An Elderly Woman Has Waved At School Kids Every Day For Six Years, So They Gave Her A Wonderful Surprise

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Students at the Highland Secondary School in British Columbia made an 84-year old woman's Valentine's Day by celebrating her daily kindness with her.


Meet The 7-Year-Old Artist Who Draws Classic Hip Hop Album Covers

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Yung Lenox is only seven years old, but he's cooler than you


Parents Of Recently Deceased 12-Year-Old Girl Find Inspirational Letter She Wrote To Her Future Self

By | 5 Comments

Taylor Smith is living on through a letter she wrote to her future self, one that contained invaluable wisdom just when her family needed it most.


Meet The San Francisco Girls Who Are Redefining The Modern Lemonade Stand


Two young girls were spotted in San Francisco with a clever new approach to the lemonade stand, as they were accepting bitcoins and had a QR code.


Some Kids In Boise Started A Band To Raise Money For Their Friend With Cancer

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Four kids in Boise started a band called The Runaway Hamsters to raise money for cancer research after their friend was diagnosed with brain cancer.


This 6-Year Old Girl Is The Next Adrian Peterson

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This YouTube highlight reel of 6-year old female running back Jayda Duplessis is going to make her an Internet star.


An 11-Year-Old In A Bolo Tie Called Out Dallas City Council Members For Being Rude

By | 19 Comments

An 11-year-old named David Williams called out the Dallas City Council for being rude during a meeting, and was wearing a sweet bolo tie when he did it.


Ron Perlman Pretty Much Won The Internet's Man Of The Year

By | 20 Comments

When I saw this story on Saturday, I wanted nothing more than to post it first thing this morning, but when I tried to start writing about it, I really couldn’t think of the right words to say.

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