betty white

Watch Betty White’s Adorable Reaction As She’s Surprised By A Hula Flash Mob For Her 93rd Birthday


"At 93, you shouldn't be doing this!" The 'Hot in Cleveland' crew surprised the TV icon with a hula flash mob.


Watch This Grandma’s Family Trick Her Into Opening A Chocolate iPhone On Christmas


This family plays a MEAN, MEAN prank on their grandma on Christmas morning!

dirty jokes

Watch This 89-Year-Old Man Tell An Adorably Dirty Dad Joke Involving A Penguin And Ice Cream

By | 3 Comments

Is there ever a bad time to listen to an 89-year-old man tell a dirty joke?


This 100-Year-Old Woman Got To See The Ocean For The First Time And Was Left Speechless

By | 4 Comments

Most of Ruby Holt's life has been spent working on a farm and she's never seen the coast — until now.


The World’s Coolest 102-Year-Old Woman Celebrated Her Birthday At A Long Island White Castle


Meet Madeleine Turpan, the inspiring 102-year-old who's been eating White Castle for most of her life.

romance novels

Did This 86-Year Old Woman Write The Next ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’?

By | 5 Comments

A great-great grandmother in Utah self-published her own romance novel that she admits is full of 'steaminess.'

#Star Wars

Another Retirement Community Made An Awesome Calendar Of Famous Movies

By | 23 Comments

The residents of the Senior Living Communities teamed up to recreate some scenes and images from their favorite movies and TV shows.


You’re Going To Want To Invite This Dancing Grandpa To Your Wedding

By | 3 Comments

Watch in awe as this old man drops his crutches and breaks it down for a very appreciative wedding crowd.

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