Monday Night Jihad

The Jason Elam Manifesto: A Review Of ‘Monday Night Jihad’ – Part 5

Welcome back to the on-going saga that is Jason Elam's first novel in the RILEY COVINGTON series, MONDAY NIGHT JIHAD.


With Leather Book Club: Jason Elam’s ‘Monday Night Jihad’ Part 4

The Monday Night Jihad recap continues, with more Riley Covington, more football, and more explosions! Also, yes, more racism.


With Leather Book Club: Jason Elam’s ‘Monday Night Jihad’ Part 3


After a lengthy facepalming absence, we're back with more of Jason Elam's hit novel MONDAY NIGHT JIHAD. Here's part three:


With Leather Book Club: Jason Elam’s ‘Monday Night Jihad’ Part 2


The With Leather Book Club proudly presents the next installment of Jason Elam's MONDAY NIGHT JIHAD. Warning: features torture (as written by a kicker).


With Leather Book Club: Jason Elam's 'Monday Night Jihad' Part 1


'Monday Night Jihad' is former NFL place kicker Jason Elam's first novel. Allow the With Leather Book Club to recap it for you!


Congrats In Advance To The Plain Dealer For Stealing GQ's Pulitzer


Last week, we shared with you an unbelievable Kate Upton GQ cover and photo-shoot somebody wonderful green-lit even after Terry Richardson showed up with nothing but "wet t-shirt, popsicle" written in his Ideas Notebook.

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