#Guardians Of The Galaxy

The World’s Luckiest Kid Is Now Swinging From This Life-Sized Groot Swing

By | 5 Comments

'Guardians of the Galaxy' director James Gunn shared this photo of an awesome life-sized Groot swing.


Johnny Depp’s Bizarre Speech From The Hollywood Film Awards Is Amazing

By | 10 Comments

The Hollywood Film Awards happened and Johnny Depp provided the perfect moment to capture how the entire show went.


American Astronaut Reid Wiseman Continues To Dazzle Us With Vines From Space

By | 8 Comments

When Astronaut Reid Wiseman isn't doing all that science stuff on the International Space Station, he's sending amazing Vine's to Earth.


The Sun Never Sets On The First Vine From Space


The first Vine from space shows the unusual way the sun moves around the International Space Station.


DEKA Arm, The Mind-Reading Prosthetic Limb, Is Approved For American Consumption

By | 2 Comments

The DEKA Arm can officially be sold in the US, and that means a lot of people are about to have a better quality of life.


NASA Wants You To Vote On The Z-2 Spacesuit Design

By | 7 Comments

The Z-2 Spacesuit vote will let you dress astronauts like dorks for decades to come.


Another Reason Why Dogs Are The Best: Meet This Golden Retriever That Saved Its Owner’s Life

By | 4 Comments

An Alaska resident owes his life to his two-year-old Golden Retriever after a snowmobile crash left him unable to move Sunday afternoon. This is why no one should live in Alaska.

#Viral Videos

Whee! Two Fun-Loving Dogs Took Their Owner’s Truck On A Joyride


Roscoe and Luna have officially become heroes among canines.


Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of ‘Ghostbusters’ With This Very Important LEGO Announcement

By | 11 Comments

The winner of the fall 2013 LEGO CUUSOO review is a 30th anniversary tribute to 'Ghostbusters,' which will now become a toy.

scientific mystery

NASA Has Discovered A Bizarre Mystery Rock On Mars

By | 10 Comments

Mars is rich and unknowable, until we colonize it. But until then, we're going to be obsessing over this weird rock.


Meet Cubli, The Cube That Walks


The Cubli is a cube that can basically go anywhere. Thanks, robotics!


Here’s A Guitar Designed To Be Played One-Handed


Ben Heck, modder extraordinaire, as built a guitar you just need one hand to play.

#video games

Reddit Spotted The Granddaddy Of All ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Easter Eggs

By | 13 Comments

A Redditor has spotted the granddaddy of Grand Theft Auto easter eggs in the "Predator" mission of 'GTA V'. Spoilers inside.


Phonebloks Is A Modular Phone Concept With An Odd Ad Campaign

By | 9 Comments

Phonebloks has a great idea... that it may be trying to sell in the wrong way.


Dad Builds Complete 737 Flight Simulator In His Son's Room

By | 4 Comments

Laurent Aigon spent five years building his son a flight simulator... with no pilot training or engineering knowledge.


Come With This Life-Sized Lego Terminator If You Want To Live


There's no fate but what the Lego Terminator makes.


‘Batman: Arkham Origins’ Gets A Trailer For Its Trailer

By | 12 Comments

'Batman: Arkham Origins' will have a trailer debuting next week. Here's a trailer for it!


Toddler Survival Horror Game ‘Among The Sleep’ Goes To Kickstarter

By | 2 Comments

'Among The Sleep' is survival horror with a toddler protagonist. But it won't come together without your help.

#Star Wars

Course Of The Force Relays A Lightsaber To San Diego Comic-Con


Course of the Force returns to raise more money for the Make-A-Wish foundation, and also to give us another excuse to bust out the Twi'lek costume.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos May Have Found Apollo 11’s Rocket Engines


The engines that took us to the moon might just have been discovered, thanks to Jeff Bezos.

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