The NFL Admitted To Yet Another Officiating Mistake In The Detroit-Dallas Game

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You'll be shocked to hear this but the officials missed yet another obvious call in the Detroit-Dallas game.


The Official Who Made The Controversial Cowboys/Lions Game Call Appears To Have Strong Political Opinions

By | 74 Comments

Is this the inane ramblings of head linesman Jerry Bergman, the man responsible for the controversial call in yesterday's playoff game?


Former NFL Official Blasts Refs In Detroit-Dallas Game; Says Some Were ‘Intimidated’

By | 39 Comments

One NFL official put Pete Morelli's crew on blast, says they were "confused" and "intimidated."


Why Wasn’t Dez Bryant Flagged For An Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty On This Play?

By | 54 Comments

This is the play no one was talking about but ultimately made the biggest impact on the Dallas Cowboys victory.


Did The Officials Get This Controversial Call Right In Yesterday’s Lions-Cardinals Game?

By | 25 Comments

A crucial play went against the Detroit Lions in a road game against the Cardinals. Did the officials get it right?


What The Crap Is Going On With The Officiating At Sacramento Kings Games?

By | 15 Comments

For the second time in a week, NBA refs ejected an opposing player at a Sacramento Kings, and this call on Kyle Lowry is a real doozie.

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