Unreal: Couple Who Lost Son & Daughter-In-Law In Flight MH370 Crash Also Lost Family In Flight MH17 Crash

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A family who lost their son and daughter-in-law in Flight MH370 is experiencing another nightmare as a result of Flight MH17.


California High Schooler Commits Suicide After Video Of Him Masturbating In Bathroom Stall Goes Viral

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Matthew Burdette, 14, took his own life after a video of him allegedly masturbating in a bathroom stall spread via Vine and SnapChat.


The New Hotness: Organized Toddler Fighting

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As if Aremenian boy barfight MMA wasn't bad enough, today's big mainstream news story tackles the next step down on the boyfighting evolutionary ladder.

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A Personal Perspective on the 38 Studios Mess

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38 Studios, as we've mentioned before, is melting down.


Alistair Overeem Is A Douchebag, Or This Is The Worst Stage In Bioshock Ever

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The question posed: If you were holding a beer, how efficiently could you remove a woman's bra with your free hand.


John Lackey Walks For Cancer

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This is one of those stories where there has to be more to it, because honestly, Jesus: Boston Red Sox pitcher John Lackey has filed for divorce from his wife, Krista.


The ABA Is Entertaining and Awful

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Considering that I had not the slightest idea the ABA still existed, this story came as a shock to me, and is certainly more interesting than hearing more Jim Harbaugh rumors.


Andray Blatche Has Buttery Fingers

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A gripe I've always heard from those who aren't as fond of the NBA as I am is that players don't take the regular season very seriously.

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