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Please Enjoy Chelsea Handler Humiliating Piers Morgan By Calling Him A 'Terrible Interviewer' Right To His Face

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Chelsea Handler stopped by 'Piers Morgan Live' to crush Piers Morgan. It's amazingly awkward.

awkward interviews

Take A Moment To Enjoy Birdman's Brutal Handshake And Magical Interview Skills

By | 6 Comments

Chris Birdman Andersen is a Sons of Anarchy character come to life and in this postgame chat, he simultaneously reaches new levels of wonderful and awkward.


The Dugout: Ken Griffey Jr. Is Great At Interviews

By | 23 Comments

Ken Griffey Jr gives great interviews about baseball cards. On today's The Dugout, the Kid speaks candidly with Linda Cohn, a woman he does not super hate.

2014 winter olympics

NBC’s Interview With Bode Miller At The Winter Olympics Was Just Flat Out Awful

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While people should have been celebrating Bode Miller's bronze medal win, they were mostly cursing NBC's Christin Cooper for pushing him to tears.


Kate Gosselin And Her Daughters Delivered The Most Awkward Interview Of The Day

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On this morning's edition of 'Today,' Kate Gosselin's daughters looked like they would have rather been anywhere else on the planet than with her.

awkward interviews

Dennis Rodman Went Off On CNN’s Chris Cuomo About Why Kenneth Bae Is Guilty

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In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo, Dennis Rodman started to explain why Kenneth Bae is actually guilty before he just started shouting.

awkward interviews

Stop Everything And Watch Anderson Cooper Completely Destroy The Psychologist Behind ‘Affluenza’

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Anderson Cooper interviewed the doctor behind 'affluenza' and things got awkward pretty quickly.


Reporter to Gravity director: “What’s it like filming in space?”

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The special effects Alfonso Cuarón used to make Gravity look like it was really taking place in space (<a href="" target="_blank">human puppetry and light boxes</a>, for the record) were so effective that at a recent press conference in Mexico City, one brave hombre raised his hand to ask the question on everyone's cabeza - how was it filming in space.

awkward interviews

Mila Kunis’s Awkward BBC Interviewer Returns To Awkardly Interview Jennifer Aniston

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Last we checked in with Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1 he was awkwardly blabbering to Mila Kunis.

awkward interviews

Harrison Ford Joked That ‘Anchorman 2′ Is ‘Unreleasable’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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If he hadn’t already done so, Harrison Ford cemented his status as one of Hollywood’s most grizzled old curmudgeons at Comic-Con 2013 when <a href="" target="_blank">he gave the best response to a question</a> about Han Solo and Indiana Jones making out or something like that.

awkward interviews

Armie Hammer & Johnny Depp blame the critics for Lone Ranger being terrible

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Considering Grown Ups 2 has grossed more than <a href="" target="_blank">$137 million dollars</a> to date, anyone who blames a box office failure on critics should win some sort of award for stupidity.

awkward interviews

Bruce Willis really hates this interviewer for some reason

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In the age of AMAs and <a href="" target="_blank">live threads</a> and long-form podcast interviews, the movie press tour is such a contrived anachronism that I'm surprised <a href="" target="_blank">testy interviews</a> like this don't happen more often.

awkward interviews

When Negging Goes Wrong: Offended Reporter Calls Jesse Eisenberg a Bully

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If you've never been to a press junket for a film, basically, the way it work is, the stars (or director or whatever) come in, and, for the better part of a day, they answer questions from reporters shuffled in for 20 minutes at a time.

awkward interviews

Ray Liotta says "Brad Pitt's a hack" in the testiest interview you'll read today

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Ray Liotta recently did an interview with <a href="" target="_blank">Examiner</a> to promote The Iceman, in which he co-stars opposite Michael Shannon as hitman Richard Kuklinski (who, sidenote, was once supposed to be <a href="" target="_blank">played by Channing Tatum</a> until the author threatened to take back the rights).


Ryan Gosling Continues To Be The Greatest Person Alive

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KTLA entertainment reporter and voice modulation disorder survivor Sam Rubin was <a href="">recently offered the chance to interview Ryan Gosling</a>, because that’s what an entertainment reporter is paid to do, but he apparently didn’t want to fly from L.


Awkward Interview Alert: Tarantino gets crabby

By | 61 Comments

On today's episode of "Which Guy Was Being a Dick.

awkward interviews

Sam Jackson refuses to answer n-word questions unless interviewer says the n-word

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I don't know who I feel sorrier for on press tours, the actors, who have to answer the same boring questions a thousand times, or the entertainment reporters, who don't feel like they've done their jobs unless they ask the same boring questions that have already been asked a thousand times.

awkward interviews

Zach Galifianakis And Will Ferrell Made A VH1 Reporter Feel Really Uncomfortable

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Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell are in the middle of a country-wide press junket for their upcoming movie, "The Campaign," and to no one’s surprise, they’re restless.

awkward interviews

Peter Berg calls Israeli interviewer a draft-dodger in probably the best interview ever

By | 30 Comments

I can't tell if this clip of Peter Berg on an Israeli talk show (hat tip: <a href="" target="_blank">Pajiba</a>) makes me like him less or more, but I'm leaning towards more.

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