The Very Best Of The 2012 Crufts Dog Championship

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More than 28,000 dogs were delivered to Birmingham, England this past weekend by their overzealous, coddling owners for the 121st annual Crufts international dog show to determine the world’s ultimate dog on the grandest stage.


3-Year Old Timberwolves Fan Loves Nikola Pekovic, Named His Hamster Wicky Wubio


In direct emotional contrast to Lamar Odom watching Khloe Kardashian's monster body collapse in a sex swing, here is an absolutely adorable video by way of The Basketball Jones of 3-year old Minnesota Timberwolves fan Chase explaining that his favorite player is Nikola Pekovic, he named his hamster Ricky Rubio and, in a total Chauncey Gardiner moment, says his favorite thing to do is watch.


These Kids At The NFL Experience Are The Most Adorable Thing You’ll See Today

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I don’t normally like to post pictures of children, not because it’s creepy, but because they’re not Kate Upton.


As A Thank You, Here Are Baby Sloths Being Swaddled (Plus Morning Links)

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Seriously though, big ups to Biggie Smalls Danger Guerrero for filling in yesterday so I could enjoy my birthday.


Warning: Yao Ming With A Baby Panda May Explode Your Monitor

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Yao Ming may have retired from the NBA earlier than most of us would have liked, but that’s not going to stop him from using his Hall of Fame notoriety for good.


Battle Without Honor Or Continence

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The description under the video reads "two babies performing Taekwondo with a mother laughing in the background", and holy shit, if you thought you knew what "babies performing Taekwondo" looked like before, you're in for a treat.


And Now, Kittens Who Love Ice Skating


At With Leather we aren't afraid to bypass an actual sports news story in favor of videos of kittens being adorable at sports (usually all from Buzzfeed), and today is no exception -- please ignore those 100 allegations of whatever and enjoy watching these baby cats fawn over a Japanese figure skater.


And Now, Kittens Wrestling

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In my continuing efforts to make you okay with our professional wrestling coverage, here is a video of two kittens fighting in a toy WWE ring.


Baby Giraffe Meets Baby Giraffe

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Yesterday we were able to share two giraffe-related sports stories, one involving Dwight Howard dunking on a giraffe in the middle of Tokyo, one involving San Francisco Giants outfielder Brandon "Baby Giraffe" Belt having an actual baby giraffe named after him.


Alex Rodriguez Was At The Super Bowl

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Among other highlights from last night's Super Bowl, Fox made sure that we were repeatedly aware that there were some pretty big stars in attendance.



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Honestly, the only way this video could get cuter is if the girl's father died while Dwight Howard signed the autograph, and Howard decided to adopt the little girl.

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