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Merna – “Better Run” Video

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Artist formerly known as Ayah drops a stunning, artistic piece, bringing her newest song to life.

Slakah The Beatchild

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – “Forgive Me Love” Video


DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah use the video for their tune "Forgive Me Love" as a platform to speak on domestic abuse with a twist.


DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah – Back For More

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Every playlist deserves a dose of soul and Jazzy Jeff and Ayah come to fill the void.

Slakah The Beatchild

Ayah – “When It Comes To You” Video

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Ayah is much too beautiful to be toying with substance abuse but we all have our rocky roads, whether it be fattening ice cream or slippery slopes trekked by the weary traveler.

Nick Brongers

Ayah – “When It Comes To You”

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Ever had a love so strong that they've driven you drinking.

This Away

Album Sampler: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah’s This Way

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I actually received a hard copy of this and decided to rip and reup for the masses since it's two criminally underrated musicians who deserve a marching band to trumpet their cause.

The Grand Ole Party Of Bootleggers & Tastemakers

SXSW: Assessing The Aftermath

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Of course there will be an unabridged recap full of storytelling, details and all the extras.


Ayah – “He Don’t Want It”

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In her 15 minutes of fame with TSS last week, Ayah teased us with new material from her upcoming collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff.


The Week That Was: The #drakewasfabstruecompetition Edition

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-- Fab may be grooming baby Los to be the successor to his throne, but he found Drake's "Over" to be a worthy opponent for trending topic supremacy on Thursday when he finally got around to dropping the second installment in his No Competition series.


TSS Presents Fifteen Minutes With Ayah

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Doing what you want usually conflicts with doing what’s expected of you.


Ayah – “In My Lifetime” Video

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New video from Ayah off her spring '09 release, 4:15.

Problem Woman Mixtape

“Might Not Be…”

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My hope for the future of R&B's ladies fell to new lows when the Cassie and Rihanna pics dropped.

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