Azealia Banks – “Heavy Metal And Reflective”

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Can Yung Rapunxel get her career back on track?


Busta Rhymes Ft. Azealia Banks – “Partition” (Remix)

By | 6 Comments

Busta Buss and Young Rapunxel add their twist to Beyonce's dirty diddy.


Azealia Banks Ft. Pharrell – “ATM Jam”

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Azealia Banks releases her "ATM Jam" in full, only a few days removed from debuting it in Glastonbury.


Azealia Banks Wants The ‘Saggy’ Stone Roses Dead

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According to Azealia Banks, the Stone Roses tried to sabotage her set at a recent music festival, and now she wishes them nothing but "excrement and death."


Angel Haze And Azealia Banks Are Having The Dumbest Twitter Feud Ever

By | 5 Comments

The two rappers have been trading disses due to...New York authenticity?

Sup Doodle

Azealia Banks – “BBD”

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"Bad b*tches do it," according to Azealia Banks, and after hearing her vainglorious, dance-inducing song "BBD," I'm inclined to agree.

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Azealia Banks Video For ‘Atlantis’ Will Start Your Monday Off Right


Good morning! I can think of no better to start this week than with Azealia Banks' video for "Atlantis."


10.22 The Cooler

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Kattya Heredia Drug Dealing Can Make You A Billionaire <a href="">[Business Insider]</a> Can Beyonce Top Madonna's Super Bowl Record.

#music videos

Azealia Banks Looks Quite Nice In Her Video For ‘Luxury’

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What's not to love about Azealia Banks? Enjoy her lookin' fine while dancing on NYC rooftops, won't you?

Troy Ave

Ten NYC Rappers Who Will Bring The Big Apple Back

By | 92 Comments

It's hard to believe that this list needed to be made.

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8.17 The Cooler

By | 10 Comments

Italian Kisses She So Thirsty: A History of 2 Chainz Lyrics About "Your Girl" <a href="">[Complex]</a> In Defense Of.

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Azealia Banks Strikes Many Poses In Her Video For 'Van Vogue'


When we last checked in on Azealia Banks, she was wielding a baseball bat in the old West while wearing an American flag two-piece in her video for "Liquorice."

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8.7 The Cooler

By | 19 Comments

Brenda Lynn Movie Ticket Prices Rising Again [Deadline] Deion Sanders Desperate To Sell Dallas Condo [The Urban Daily] I Got A Story To Tell: 10 Of Hip-Hop's Biggest Snitches, Allegedly [HHW] MTV Balances Scripted, Reality Fare [Variety] Azealia Banks Eats Her First Slice of Humble [...].


8.3 The Cooler

By | 18 Comments

Jasmin Cadavid MLB Trade Deadline: The Winners, Losers & Innocent Bystanders [TSFJ] WWE Close To Pinning TV Network [Variety] Tiesto Tops Forbes Richest DJ List [Prefix] Quick Tip: Relieve Stress By Faking It [Men's Fitness] Beyonce To Direct A Movie About Beyonce [The Boombox] Lupe Fiasco [...].

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Azealia Banks Is The New John Wayne In Her Video For 'Liquorice'


I have few regrets in terms of the content we put on this here website, but I was just thinking the other day about how I don't think we've given Azealia Banks enough love around these parts.


Azealia Banks – “Jumanji”

By | 21 Comments

There's no denying <a href="">Azealia Banks</a> can rap.

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