B.o.B Presents The Asian Adventures Of Bobby Ray

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The humbles beginnings of a Decatur, GA pipe dream have fully manifested into a global phenom.

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B.o.B Feat. Rivers Cuomo – “Magic” Video

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Not that I actually like this song because I don't. By now you're used to us praising B.o.B. but I honestly felt "Magic" was a little too far across the imaginary line of acceptable experimentation in rap and borders on the brink of being Pop, creating a noticeably, out-of-place blemish on The Adventures... Still, I'm all for brothers gettin' money and stickin' it to the man so I have to applaud him for receiving Reebok checks as well as a few from adidas for the blatant product placement in this video.

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B.o.B Feat. Hayley Williams – “Airplanes” Video

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Bobby Ray's inspirational hit with Hayley gets the strobe light treatment.


B.o.B Feat. T.I. – “Forever Lost”

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While young Bobby Ray got Tip on one track for his Adventures..., this one had to get the snip-snip because Coldplay hates all rappers not named Jay-Z and Kanye.

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B.o.B Feat. Bruno Mars – “Nothin’ On You” Video

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Young Bobby Ray scores a MTV premiere for his bonafide hit single "Nothin' On You." Taking a page (literally) from a LRG lookbook, this creative clip finds B.


B.o.B – “Down For Y’all”

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New Bobby Ray for the meantime, in between time before the Grand Hustle debut drops.


B.o.B Feat. Bruno Mars – “Nothin’ On You”

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Much in the same vein as "I'll Be In The Sky," Bob The Great brings an engaging musical element to the radio unlike the rest of his peers.


B.o.B Presents The Features

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I like this and find myself in agreement, so allow me to give my blog brother-in-arms Shake the e-podium.

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B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray – “Mr. Bobby”

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We've been calling him Bobby Ray for a minute so this suits me just fine.

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