Pregnant Keira Knightley Revealed That She Has No F*cking Clue What To Do With A Baby

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Keira Knightley is about mid-way into pregnancy... And we're a little worried about the welfare of her baby.

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Watch These Babies Have All The Feels As They Experience Traveling Through Tunnels

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From bulging eyes to gaped mouths, these little ones are totally floored by tunnels.

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A $15,000 Pair Of Glasses Helps This Blind Mother See Her Baby For The First Time

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Despite the cost, eSight's fundraiser program helps people like Kathy Beitz use the glasses otherwise uncovered by insurance.

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Watch This Baby-Holding Dad Impressively Put On His Pants With No Hands

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Could you put on your pants without using hands? Watch this guy do it WHILE HOLDING A BABY.


Macklemore And His Fiancee Announced Their Pregnancy With This Heartwarming Video

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The rapper and his fiance tweeted the announcement of their first child on Saturday.


A British Couple Stranded In Manhattan With A Premature Baby Won’t Face A $200,000 Medical Bill

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The birth of Baby Dax could have cost his unexpecting-expecting parents nearly $200,000 in medical bills.


This ‘Jaws’-Inspired Baby Bed Is A Slice Of Parenting Win

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Dad makes a 'Jaws'-inspired bed for his baby and instantly wins at being a parent. Here's to swimmin' with bow-legged women, baby.

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This Kid Has The Most Heartwarming Reaction When He Learns He’s Getting A Sibling For Christmas

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Little Ethan's mom tells him he's going to be a big brother for Christmas and he is just OVER THE MOON.


Meet The College Student Who Claims She Was The ‘Teletubbies’ Sun Baby

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That horrible giggling baby from "Teletubbies"? She's a 19-year-old college student now.

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Say Hello To All Of The Babies That Were Born At 10:11 On 12/13/14

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These babies were all born at the same time, but that's not the only special fact at play. Turns out their time of birth was quite unique.


Be Still My Heart: Baby’s First Crawl Rewarded With A Kiss From The Family Dog


A video featuring a cute baby and perhaps even a cuter dog — what more could you ask for?

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Glenn Close And Jimmy Fallon Went All Out In This Face Stuffing Contest


There was no need for etiquette when it came to this eating contest.


For Your Consideration, Here Is A Baby Projectile Pooping During A Photoshoot

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A photographer had a new dad hold his nude baby for a newborn photoshoot and then the baby did what babies do.

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Watch This Baby Boy Adorably React To Hearing His Parents For The First Time Thanks To A Hearing Aid

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Watch seven-week-old Lachlan Lever hear his parents' voices for the first time thanks to a brand new hearing aid.

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