Special Birthday

Say Hello To All Of The Babies That Were Born At 10:11 On 12/13/14

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These babies were all born at the same time, but that's not the only special fact at play. Turns out their time of birth was quite unique.


Be Still My Heart: Baby’s First Crawl Rewarded With A Kiss From The Family Dog


A video featuring a cute baby and perhaps even a cuter dog — what more could you ask for?

#Jimmy Fallon

Glenn Close And Jimmy Fallon Went All Out In This Face Stuffing Contest


There was no need for etiquette when it came to this eating contest.


For Your Consideration, Here Is A Baby Projectile Pooping During A Photoshoot

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A photographer had a new dad hold his nude baby for a newborn photoshoot and then the baby did what babies do.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Baby Boy Adorably React To Hearing His Parents For The First Time Thanks To A Hearing Aid

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Watch seven-week-old Lachlan Lever hear his parents' voices for the first time thanks to a brand new hearing aid.


2 Chainz Is The Only Cure For This Baby’s Sorrows


Watch as the rapper's rhymes stop this baby's sobbing.


Katy Perry’s Biggest Fan Is A Baby Who Sings Better Than She Does

By | 2 Comments

We found Katy Perry's target demographic: crying babies.

#Game of Thrones

A Crying Baby On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Reminded A Stoned Dad That He Left His Child In The Car

By | 16 Comments

"Game of Thrones" is a great life distraction, but please don't forget where your child is.


This Dad Accidentally Delivered His Newborn Baby Right Into The Toilet

By | 3 Comments

We can think of some good nicknames this baby should probably have for the rest of its life.

viral video

Best Pediatrician Ever? Watch This Doctor Make A Baby Laugh While Giving Him Shots.

By | 5 Comments

Watch this hero pediatrician deftly distract his little patient with magician-level sleight of hand.

#live music

A Mom Was Kicked Out Of A Concert For Having Her Baby In The Pit

By | 12 Comments

If you're a recent parent and you want to see a concert, please leave your child with a babysitter and not bring them to the show.


A Father Recorded His Wife Giving Birth Outside A Hospital With A GoPro

By | 3 Comments

A Texas couple gave birth to a baby outside a hospital, and they have the whole thing recorded, thanks to a GoPro.

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