An Angry Baboon Groped A Reporter On Live Television

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Like, an actual baboon, not some drunken idiot.


Baboon Gropes Reporter During Live Interview


A shameless baboon gets handsy with reporter Sabrina Rodriguez as she tries to make her way through a grape festival segment.


Okay, that’s a pretty cool movie poster.

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If the idea of Jude Law playing a Cockney safecracker in Dom Hemingway alone isn't enough to grab you, how about this poster (courtesy of Vulture) of him posing in front of a giant Jill Greenberg monkey portrait.


Lion Cubs vs. Baboons


The road to becoming King of the Jungle can be a very humbling one.


This Car Just Passed The Baboon Test

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At the Knowsley Safari Park outside Liverpool, England, the baboons were given the chance to play around with a Hyundai to put its child-proofing to the test.

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James Franco dicknosed a magazine. With his ass!

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James Franco's ass recently appeared on the cover of Flaunt magazine (which I'm sure you all read, underline, and own every copy of), and while I've no doubt it was celebrity profile most fascinating, I covered this story mostly so I could write that headline.


Friday Free For All: Low-Budget Movie Awesomeness from Brain Bludgeon

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For today's Friday Free for All, Evan from Severin sent us this fun little clip from his project Brain Bludgeon.

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