Dance Party Supercuts

Shake Your Ass And Watch This Supercut Of Dance Party Scenes From Movies

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The latest 'We Can Dance' supercut features some of the best dance party scenes in movie history.


Strap On Your Togas And Get Crazy With This Party Movie Supercut

By | 16 Comments

From 'PCU' to 'Project X,' this movie party scene supercut makes us feel like we're at Hollywood's biggest raging kegger.


ABC Is Turning Tom Hanks’ ‘Bachelor Party’ Into A TV Series That Sounds Nothing Like The Original

By | 12 Comments

Because you can never have enough remakes, ABC is going to turn 'Bachelor Party' into a romantic comedy TV series.


Second Opinion: The Most Underrated Movies Of Tom Hanks’s Career

By | 158 Comments

For his 58th birthday, we celebrate the most underrated movies of Tom Hanks's wonderful career that featured very few bad choices.


Bachelor Party Bros Play A Genius Bungee Jumping Prank On The Groom

By | 4 Comments

DO NOT LOOK DOWN, the groomsmen said to the groom, as he was two feet above the ground.


Only In Vegas: Kim Kardashian Had Kris Humphries’ Bachelor Party

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A few weeks ago, I made fun of Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh because he had such a typical and unoriginal bachelor party for a guy who is the highest paid player on a team that features LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

#LeBron James

LeBron James And Dwyane Wade Hate Chris Bosh With A Passion

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Over the weekend, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh had his bachelor party in Las Vegas, and he and his friends dubbed it, “The Hangover 3”.

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