Tinker Hatfield

Nike Confirms Self-Lacing Air Mag Sneakers Are In The Works

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Nike's Tinker Hatfield confirms they're working on the self-lacing sneakers from 'Back To The Future II.'


The People Of San Luis Obispo Are Way Too Excited About This Guy’s DeLorean

By | 4 Comments

People in San Luis Obispo, California are way too excited about this fake Doc Brown's replica DeLorean.

back to the future II

How Accurate Were ‘Back To The Future II’s 2015 Predictions? Here’s Your Reading Guide.

By | 16 Comments

'Back To The Future II' got some things right... and some things very wrong. Here's a reading guide to the future.


A Brief History Of Turning The Hoverboard Into A Reality


Thirty years of experiments and ideas are making the hoverboard real...but it took some serious physics to make it happen.


One Of The Hoverboards From ‘Back To The Future II’ Is Going Up For Auction

By | 4 Comments

Later this year, a movie theater in London will be auctioning an actual Hoverboard used by Michael J. Fox in 'Back to the Future II.'


The ‘Back To The Future II’ Technology We’re Sadly Nowhere Near

By | 12 Comments

'Back To The Future II' got some things right, and some things sadly, painfully wrong.


How Are Those ‘Back To The Future II’ Predictions Looking? Here Are Five On The Verge Of Coming True.

By | 33 Comments

'Back To The Future II' still has a year or so on the clock, and it might be closer to reality than you think.

Tinker Hatfield

Back To The Future: Nike’s Working On Power-Lacing For 2015?

By | 2 Comments

One step closer to the real Marty McFly's shoes coming to life.

Tinker Hatfield

Insiders Tell The Story Of The 2011 Nike Air Mag

By | 2 Comments

The hype and hoopla surrounding the 2011 Nike Air Mag has scaled back, our hubris met with the realization that most commoners weren't in the running for the highly coveted kicks.


How Much Did The First Round Of Nike McFly Auctions Raise?

By | 26 Comments

The first round of 2011 Nike Mag auctions have ended and the final tally is much higher than any expected.


It’s Official: Nike’s Releasing The Marty McFly Sneakers

By | 55 Comments

True to the info teased last night, Nike unveiled official images and shared release info on the Marty McFly's - officially know as the 2011 Nike MAG - and the prognosis is both good and bad, depending on how you look at it.

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