Kenny Dobbs Dunking Over A Man On Fire Is Why You Should Never Take NBA Jam Literally

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Kenny Dobbs is great at dunking. He's on fire! No, he is literally on fire because he jumped over a guy on fire to make a FIRE DUNK.

#Under The Dome CBS

'Under The Dome' Got Impulsive In Its Second Episode

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The second episode of 'Under the Dome' is solid... but perhaps a little too willing to be contrived.


RIP, Sweet Brooklyn Nets PR Twitter

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Last month, With Leather briefly celebrated the joy that was the Brooklyn Nets PR Twitter account, a fun oasis in an otherwise dry and arid NBA social media scene.


Texas Rangers Defeat Truman

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By way of our friends at Big League Stew comes a fantastic idea -- getting a "World Champs 2011" tattoo on your chest when your favorite baseball team has just blown two one-strike-and-we're-out opportunities in Game 6 of the World Series.


Texas, And The Saddest Rain Delay In History

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Major League Baseball missed out on a marquee Justin Verlander/C.

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