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Watch This Angry Woman In A BMW Drive Off With A Boot On Her Car

By | 30 Comments

This is what it looks when you drive with a boot on your car. SPOILER: Cringeworthy.


Take A Look At This Horrendous Driver Attempting To Navigate A Parking Space And Failing Miserably

By | 14 Comments

The title of worst driver in Calgary is no longer up for grabs following the release of this video. What a terrible driver.


This Commuter Obsessively Documented The Same Driver Running Red Lights For Over Six Months

By | 37 Comments

It's hard to say what most sane, rational people would do when confronted with a situation like this.

#Viral Videos

Check Out This Insane Driver Keep Driving Through Downtown Newark On Only Three Wheels

By | 7 Comments

This lady was clearly in the zone while driving through Newark, NJ. So much that she didn't even notice her tire was missing.


This Driver Nearly Caused An Accident With An Illegal U-Turn And Then Got Some Instant Karma In Return

By | 3 Comments

Sometimes you do get an instant reward on the road when you seem someone being a jerk. It can taste quite sweet.

#Viral Videos

Watch This Tractor Trailer Spectacularly Eat Sh*t By Ignoring The Overpass Height Regulation

By | 22 Comments

Trucks are not supposed to drive on parkways on Long Island because the overpasses are too low to pass under. Someone forgot to tell this dumbass.


An Atlanta TV Reporter Called The Police On A Guy And Then Things Got Weird

By | 21 Comments

A TV reporter in Atlanta discovered a man passed out in his truck on the highway, and of course he started acting crazy and deadly.


This Parking Lot Video Is Guaranteed To Spike Your Blood Pressure

By | 7 Comments

This video of a person taking four minutes to exit a parking lot is one of the most excruciating things you'll watch this week.


Florida Friday: Woman Keys Giant Penis Into Hood Of Car, Leaves Note Explaining Why

By | 17 Comments

In a rare but exciting twist, I actually find myself sympathizing with the subject of today’s Florida Friday installment.

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