Louisiana Expects Sex Offenders To Reveal Themselves On Facebook


If you're a sex offender in Louisiana, you have to identify yourself as such on Facebook, officially.

good riddance

Awful ACTA Treaty Nearly Dead In Europe

Europe seems unable to just tell music companies and other corporate semi-trolls that ACTA is very happy, because they took it to this big farm with all the other laws where it gets to frolic and play all day, and there's no pain, and there are lawyers for it to chase up trees.


Awful ACTA Treaty Just Will Not Die

ACTA is the international version of SOPA and PIPA, developed in secret, and attempted to be rammed through without any input from those pesky consumers.

write your congressman

SOPA Rewritten, Still Impossibly God-Awful

So, the Stop Online Piracy Act has been the subject of controversy lately, especially since Universal Music Group decided to demonstrate what a bad idea it was to give private corporations the ability to censor other people by trying to stamp out MegaUpload's protest song on YouTube, turning them into a free speech martyr in the process.

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