The Game

“Thirsty Hoes Out There” Won’t Like Game’s New Song

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Thot no longer means "that hoe over there" apparently.


WC Feat. Daz, Kurupt, Soopafly & Bad Lucc – “Stick To The Script” Video

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For better or worse, <a href="">WC</a>, Soopafly & Tha Dogg Pound definitely tend to "Stick To The Script" and have for their entire career.

Uncle Chucc

Terrace Martin & Devi Dev Have More Sex

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Now I do not know Terrace or Devi so hopefully the title does not offend anybody.

Terrace Martin

Terrace Martin Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt & Bad Lucc – “Get Bizy”

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While a few other sites had this listed without <a href="">Terrace Martin</a>, it's only right to include his name in the tagline, seeing as it's obvious he orchestrated the track.

Wiz Khalifa

Terrace Martin x Devi Dev – Here, My Dear

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<a href=""> Terrace Martin is one smart cookie. He knew that his musical expertise associated with any project would make it respected. He knew that by paying homage to <a href="">Marvin's classic baby-maker</a> would garner some interest.

#Jay Z

Snoop Dogg Presents We Da West (Volume One)

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Unified like the fiddy states, the Dub-E-S-T keeps their wheels in motion when Snoop Dogg is spearheading the movement.

The Demo

Terrace Martin & Bad Lucc – “Truth”

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<a href="">Fashawn ain't</a> the only Cali kid who can cause damage on a Premo track years after the fact.

Wiz Khalifa

Terrace Martin – “The Demo”

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<a href="">Terrace Martin</a> is far from a rookie.

The Alchemist

Krondon Feat. Planet Asia & Bad Lucc – “Devil’s Run”

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How bout takin' to the Left Side for a second.

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