There’s No Way You Love Drake As Much As This Tattooed Guy Loves Drake

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This guy took his love of Drake's new album one (or several) steps too far.


Considering A Tattoo? Here Are A Few Examples Of What To Get (And What Not To Get) Via Reddit.

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A carebear with "hug life" tattooed on his belly? A feline version of Tupac named "Tupaw Shapur"? TAKE MY MONEY NOW.


High School Yearbooks Have Tattoo Pages Now, Because That’s The Kind Of World We Live In

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Here are a bunch of tattoos that some high school kids are really going to regret getting someday.

Bad Tattoos

This Guy Had A Pretty Creative Way Of ‘Fixing’ His Crappy Tribal Tattoo

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The '90s were a really unfortunate time in which a lot of people got misguided tribal tattoos.

viral video

Here’s A Compilation Of A Dad Reacting To His Son’s New Tattoos


This dad is definitely not a fan of his son's body artwork.

#dumb criminals

Accused Murderer Is Worried That Having The Word ‘MURDER’ Tattooed Prominently Across His Neck Might Hurt His Case

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A Kansas man is worried that his giant "MURDER" tattoo might hurt his case after murdering a man and leaving his body in a ditch.


Check Out These Bad Tattoos Turned Into Hilarious Photoshop Triumphs

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Sometimes poor choices can lead to hilarious conclusions, especially on the internet. Take these bad tattoos turned Photoshops for example.


Woman arrested for invalid license really likes Shrek

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While perusing TheSmokingGun's collection of the week's best mugshots, I found one movie related.


Guy gets Rufio tattoo to cover Edward Cullen tattoo

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[I put them side by side, but you can see the gif version at Geekologie] Getting a tattoo of a celebrity or pop culture character is one of the best ideas a person could have, and I'd urge anyone within the sound of my voice to go get one, if you've been considering it even a little.


Meet the guy with 82 Julia Roberts tattoos

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Meet Milijenko Parserisas Bukovic (that's so weird, MY middle name is Parserisas.



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I really wanted to save this picture for a relevant news story, but I don't know when that's going to happen and I couldn't bear to keep this from you a second longer.

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