A Pennsylvania Middle School Passed Out ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Word Puzzles

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Parents were outraged to learn that five students got their hands on puzzles that featured terms like 'leather cuffs' and 'bondage.'

bad teachers

Meet The Teacher Who Was Arrested After Allegedly Having Sex With A Student In The Teacher’s Lounge

By | 55 Comments

This woman allegedly had sex with a student multiple times in the teacher's lounge.

bad teachers

Meet The High School Teachers Accused Of Having Sex With Male Students During A Boozy Beach Party

By | 21 Comments

What?? Two more women have been accused of nefariously preying on their teenage students.

bad teachers

Meet The Teacher Who Changed Her Facebook Status To ‘In A Relationship’ With Her Student Lover

By | 21 Comments

Hey, once you're off the sexual offender list for having an affair with an underage student, it's anybody's game. Right?

sex tapes

Another Teacher Was Caught Allegedly Having Sex With Her Student (UPDATE: Debunked)

By | 33 Comments

Another day, another teacher caught doing something stupid with a student.

bad teachers

A Teacher Tattooed The Name Of A Female Student She Allegedly Had Sexual Relations With On Her Body

By | 17 Comments

A North Carolina teacher reportedly had inappropriate relations with an underage student, whose name she had tattooed on her chest.

bad teachers

A Washington DC Teacher Was Arrested On Her First Day For Having Sex With A Student

By | 29 Comments

Another day, another THREE news stories about teachers sleeping with their underage students.

south korea

Teacher Literally Gets Off On Hitting Students, Masturbates In Front Of Class

By | 6 Comments

Here's a depressing story involving a Korean teacher who hit his student, then masturbated in front of a class.


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