Balance – “When I’m Gone” Video (Co-Starring Isis Love)


When Balance drives his old school through the valley, he's not selling mushrooms and meth to his rich clientele.

Uncle Murda

Balance x Dae One – B-Dae EP

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You get but only one born day a year but when two of California's most focused Hip-Hop artists in rhyme specialist <a href="">Balance</a> and <a href="">Dae One</a>, the instrumental wizard who never duplicates his sounds, it's cause for B-Dae celebration.


Balance Feat. P. Child, Traxamillion & Mr. Kee – “That’s The Ticket” Video


I'ma need everyone to turn their clocks to PST for a sec and ride out to what the Left side is doing.

We All In 2

Balance Feat. Moe Green & DaVinci – “Love, Hate”


<a href=""> Put your W's up and cash in all your chips at the casino door. <a href="">Balance from the Bay</a> is going all in (again) for his next project that's looking to put Cali back in the top mix of your playlist.

Young Chris

Cupid Overload: 2011’s Valentine’s Day Music

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<a href=""> So, obviously it's Valentine's Day and amongst other things, it is a day observed for a slew of free music under the premise of knockin' the boots, heartache and faux emotions. Gotta love Hip-Hop for it. Instead of turning the site into the Anthony Thomas music section, we decided to wrangle up the mixtapes/EPs, songs and visuals that are making this day longer than it needs to be. <a href=""> Dirty Money - LoveLove Vs. HateLove, The Last Train to Paris Valentines Day Love Mix -- Diddy and the gals take a pit stop from Paris to drop some remixed smooth grooves that will probably start the night off right before things slow to a silent creep. Available <a href="">here</a>.


Balance Is Flipping “Love” The Bird


<a href=""> While you're getting all lovey-dovey this February 14th, <a href="">Balance</a> of the Bay has a few choice words for your hugs and kisses and champagne wishes.


Balance Feat. Mitchy Slick – “My Own Sh!t”

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<a href=""> He gave you a chance to get constipated and catch up on <a href="">his previous sh!t</a>.


Balance x DJ Faze – B4: Greatest Materials

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<a href=""> The digital age has definitely birthed an interesting predicament. With more artists releasing multiple full-lengths in the course of a year, the overwhelming flood of MP3s can make it a chore to navigate through the music scene. <a href="">Balance</a> from The Bay celebrates his Independence Day as of 2006 which essentially makes him a veteran by today's standards.


Balance Feat. Greenspan & Rain – “I’m Here Now” Video

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<a href=""> Time to get your passports stamped and take a ride with <a href="">Sir Balance</a> of the Bay.

We All In

DJ Ill Will x DJ Rockstar x Balance – We All In

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The Bay Area has been on the map for years and now it just got a little more balanced.

XXL Freshmen 2010: A New Breed Of Hustlers

Jay Rock – From Hood Tales To The Cover Of XXL

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I had the luck of the draw of meeting <a href="">Jay Rock</a>, Kendrick Lamar and Ab Soul this past weekend and while they were humbled and honored to be selected as one of this year's <a href="">XXL Freshman</a>, they rest assured me that they weren't going Hollywood and living off the hype alone.

We All In

Balance Feat. Thurzday, Mistah F.A.B. & Fashawn – “Bootleg Liquor”

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When <a href="">Balance</a> saying he's going all in, he's cashing in all his poker chips and bringing the entire Golden State with him.

We All In

Balance Feat. Erk Tha Jerk, Messy Marv, Clyde Carson, Big Rich & Keak Da Sneak – “Swagga Jackin” (Bay Area Remix)

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Although the West keeps it tighter than any other region when it comes to unity and collaborations, I'ma go ahead and lay down a rival division line and proclaim: this joint > <a href="">“I Wanna Rock” (Interstate Trafficking Remix)</a>.


Taje – “Only In California”

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Taje & producer Dae One Just when you think the South is tightening up its death grip on the game, the Dub E-S-T strikes back to remind the rest of the world that they're still worth checking for.

Remind My Soul

“Malcolm X Must Be Turning In His Grave”

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"Like 'Remind My Soul of The Time We Were Great Before The Self Hate'" Late last night a colleague walked into my home office with a bounce and pep to his step that I had never seen before.


Balance Feat. Jacka, Big Rich & Jimmie Reign – “Can’t Go” Video

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I had the chance to chop it up with Balance during our show with Nah Right at SXSW and he let it be known he was coming out strong in 2009 -- for he is one of the Bay Area's reigning mixtape champions.

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