Your NFL Recap, Week 14: Crazy Endings And A Ton Of Snow


Snow didn't ruin games on Sunday. It only made them 100x better.

Washington Redskins

Open Thread: Thanksgiving Day NFL Games


Join us for all of the games on Turkey Day.


With Leather Interview: Joe Flacco Raps With Us About Trick Shots, Blackouts, Grimace And Mighty Wings


Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco gave us some insight into his new McDonald's Mighty Wings campaign and the trick shot ad with Colin Kaepernick.

#jimmy fallon

With Leather’s Watch This: Jimmy Fallon’s Puppies Predicted That Broncos Slaughter


I’m sure many of you are already either celebrating with your feet up or licking your deep, infected wounds over Peyton Manning’s absurd performance last night, 7 TDs and 462 yards is about the most absurd fantasy stat line that I can think of for a QB.


Stacy Keibler Is Doing Spokesperson Work For Charmin, Because Her Entire Life Revolves Around Her Butt


Former WWE Diva Stacy Keibler helped open a bunch of Charmin-themed restrooms at yesterday's Ravens/Broncos game in Denver, because her career is "ass."


Elvis Dumervil Leaves Broncos For Baltimore Ravens, Agrees To Five-Year Deal


One of the dumbest sports stories we've heard in a while ended with fans of the Baltimore Ravens smiling.


Everyone In San Francisco Gets Free Pudding Because The 49ers Lost The Super Bowl


There was plenty for San Francisco 49ers fans to be bummed about in Super Bowl 47, from Colin Kaepernick throwing the first interception in the team’s glorious Super Bowl history to the team losing its first Super Bowl in six appearances to the questionable no-call on the possible holding on their 4th down play to the Ravens seemingly being offside on the 49ers’ 2-point conversion attempt that would have tied the game to not having Huey Lewis and the News involved at all.


Super Bowl Celebration Fail

At least one Ravens fan celebrated his team's victory by climbing, destroying, and falling from a Baltimore street sign.


San Francisco Defeats Truman


In the worst results-reporting since Other Guy defeated What's-His-Face, the NFL Network -- you know, the network with "NFL" in its name -- declared the San Francisco 49ers the winners of Super Bowl XVLII, knocking off the Ravens 34-31.


Congratulations, Joe Flacco, Now You’re An Elite Television Curser


The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII, but the highlight for me (besides the lights going out and The Shield putting Colin Kaepernick through a table) was Joe Flacco's description of the win as "f**kin' awesome.


Ray Lewis Talks to Jesus and God

Ray Lewis negotiates how much of a heavenly push the Ravens are going to get in the Super Bowl.

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Jimmy Fallon Used Puppies To Predict The Super Bowl Because SCIENCE

We don’t get to talk about late night talk shows very much, not since Magic Johnson made sure that no athlete would ever again grace the stage of a major network.

super bowl music

Picking The Super Bowl Winner By Which City, San Francisco Or Baltimore, Has Better Songs


Choosing the Super Bowl XLVII winner, either the 49ers or Ravens, by looking at the five most popular songs about San Francisco and Baltimore.


Anyone Can Buy Deer Antler Spray And Be Just Like Ray Lewis… Allegedly


Prior to this week, the most I’d ever known about anything involving deer came down to: 1) Venison is delicious as long as I convince myself it’s not Bambi and 2) You can buy deer piss in hunting stores.


Saturday Night Live Did A Ray Lewis Thing, And Yes, It Was Kenan Thompson


In a better world, Saturday Night Live sketches about football players would suddenly become super popular, and 80 minutes of every show would just be Kenan Thompson changing jerseys and doing the same voice to represent every black football player.


SNL: Ray Lewis on Weekend Update

Emotional linebacker Ray Lewis joins Weekend Update to talk about the upcoming Super Bowl.

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