Rocky Rivera

Bambu Ft. Rocky Rivera – “Rent Money” Video

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It wouldn't be unreasonable to expect some strand of dark political lingo from Bambu when hitting play on one of his records but right from opening horns of "Rent Money," this one's a curve ball.


Bambu – “None Left” Video


You could call Bambu an anarchist, but truthfully, he's simply putting his nouns and verbs down for a cause he feels is worth fighting for.


Rappers Doing Good: The Fight To Save “Sessions LA”

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Just because music is basically free nowadays doesn't mean you can't still give back to Hip-Hop.


Bambu – “Fish” Video

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Bambu bring his Flipino P.

Rashida Jones

Prometheus Brown & Bambu – “Rashida Jones”

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Comedy, Auto-Tune and The Office are not necessarily the first things that come to mind when one thinks of our favorite Left Coast freedom fighter, Bambu, but they combine like Voltron on "Rashida Jones," the latest release off his new collaborative project with Geo of the Blue Scholars, Prometheus Brown And Bambu Walk Into A Bar.


Bambu – “Fish”

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Frank151's latest chapter is dedicated to the hardened and proud culture of the Philippines and Bambu gladly stepped in to be their musical ambassador this go 'round.


Bambu – “Just(Us)”

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As “Just(Us)” began, I could feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up.


Drums & Ammo Feat. Bambu – “U Funnystyle” Video

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Usually, our brother Bambu delivers political punchlines, leaving listeners with a full course meal to digest as a result.

Tep Castillo

Bambu – “Something” Video

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Bambu must have "fearless" tattooed inside his eyelids because he's always dabbling in topics most rappers wouldn't dare to tackle out of worry of being blacklisted or shunned before they have a chance to make it big.


Bambu – “Something”

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One of Bambu's many strengths as an emcee is the ability to provoke emotion.


DJ Muggs & Bambu – Los Angeles, Philippines

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If some rappers can represent virtual unreality 24/7, how about giving an artist who represents the real some burn for a change? Bambu owns his dual-citizenship as keyholder to both the Philippines and The City of Angels and together with DJ Muggs, he's down for some soul assassination on the lyrical tip with a heaping platter of food for thought on Los Angeles, Philippines.


Let A3C Now Begin

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After weeks of buildup, A3C is set to kick off tonight & we'll be hosting our West Stage with performances by TiRon, Diz Gibran, El Prez, Rocky Rivera, Ayomari, Pac Div, DaVinci, Surf Club and a whole bunch of other folks.

Patricio Ginelsa

Bambu – “Old Man Raps” Video

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When Furious told Tre to get out of the car, he wasn't trying to imply that his son wasn't "down" or gangsta enough to ride for Ricky.

Prometheus Brown

Bambu Feat. Prometheus Brown – “Slow Down” Video

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It's pretty fitting that Bambu would be showcasing his Eskrima talents in this clip as his flow is fairly similar to a martial art itself.

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