Chris Christie’s Brother Has A Message For People Making Fun Of The Governor’s Cowboys Love


After people on Twitter made fun of Chris Christie's questionable Dallas Cowboys fanfare, his brother ripped them all a new one.


Hey Everyone, Look At How Sad Drake Is Over His Kentucky Wildcats Losing


Kentucky 'fan' Drake sure looked disappointed after the Wildcats lost to the UConn Huskies last night.


Erik Ainge Doesn't Take Too Kindly To Kenny Chesney Wearing An Alabama Hat


Former Tennessee Vols QB Erik Ainge expressed anger at Kenny Chesney on Twitter over a photo of the singer wearing an Alabama hat with Nick Saban.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Whines On Twitter About Being Denied Entry To A Sporting Event Without A Ticket

Rotting-mouthed rapper Lil Wayne is the worst kind of sports fan, which also happens to be one of the lowest forms of human: the bandwagon jumper, something even his fans are well aware of and ridicule him over. Basically whatever team is "hot" at any particular moment, then that's Lil Wayne's team.

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