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Is This CCTV Footage The First Real Look At Banksy Or Is This Just Another Elaborate Ruse?

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Banksy is back on his home turf with some new art and it seems that one of Britain's dozens of CCTV cameras might've caught him in the act.


Century 21 Canceled A Banksy Show After He Called 1 World Trade Center A 'Disaster'

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The New York Times passed on a Banksy op-ed after the street artist called 1 World Trade Center a 'disaster,' and Century 21 canceled his exhibit.


Banksy Built A Sphinx In Queens And Some Idiots Claimed Ownership And Took It

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Banksy's latest New York street art contribution was a Sphinx built from crushed cinder block, and it was dismantled and stolen by clueless men.


Watch Someone Paint All Over A Banksy Piece In Queens

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Queens graffiti artist "Problem Child" was caught on video tagging over Bansky's most recent piece, which lasted only 13 hours before being defaced.


Hanksy Tagged Stephen Colbert’s Studio, So Colbert Took A Stab At Unmasking Him

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Hanksy tagged Stephen Colbert's studio. Naturally, this has lead Stephen to believe that Tom Hanks is actually Hanksy.


Watch Stephen Colbert Attempt To Elaborately Lure Banksy Into Vandalizing ‘The Colbert Report’ Studio

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Stephen Colbert knows the effect Banksy's art can have on property values, and he wants in.


Here’s What Pop Culture Characters Do On Their Day Off (Art By Kiersten Essenpreis)

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Kiersten Essenpreis is showing a series at Gallery 1988 East in which she illustrates what her favorite movie and TV characters are doing on their days off.

al pacino

Cage Against The Machine: Hanksy Visits LA To Post New Pop Culture Street Art


Street artist Hanksy has made the trip from New York City to Los Angeles, posting new pop culture mashups to promote an upcoming show at Gallery 1988.


Is that you, Banksy?

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The above triptych shows an unauthorized restoration of a 19th-Century fresco on the wall of the church of Santuario de Misericordia in Spain, recently completed by an unidentified 80-year-old woman.


Nick Stern’s ‘You Are Not Banksy’ Brings Banksy Street Art To Life


Nick Stern's 'You Are Not Banksy' photography series re-creates famous Banksy images using live models and clever props. He just released a new set of photos we've collected here.


Hanksy's Ferrell Cats May Be His Masterpiece, Introduces The World To Ron Purgundy


It's been several months since we've checked in with anonymous street artist Hanksy and we've missed out on all sort of developments in the life and times of <a href="" target="_blank">everyone's favorite Banksy-parodying Tom Hanks enthusiast</a>.


Hanksy Broadens His Pop Culture Horizons With Cosby, Danson, And Gosling-Inspired Works


Hanksy, <a href="" target="_blank">the Banksy-parodying Tom Hanks enthusiast</a>, appears to be moving in another direction fresh off <a href="" target="_blank">his Krause Gallery showing</a>.


Hanksy Brings Together Tom Hanks And Banksy. Finally.

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For the past year, Banksy parodies have been pasted to walls in the Lower East Side of New York City by the artist/artists known as (of course) "Hanksy.


More of the Story Behind Exit Through the Gift Shop

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When the director of an acclaimed documentary is a street artist famous for screwing with people and not revealing his identity, people are naturally going to wonder whether the events of the film happened the way they were presented.


Hanksy, A Cat On A Hot Jeep, And A Self-Sufficient Dog


101 Unusual, Impressive And Illegal Pieces Of Defaced Currency [<a href="">Uproxx</a>] Japan Facing Second Nuclear Disaster.


Banksy photographed in LA. Maybe.

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Banksy was recently photographed in Los Angeles attending to his "<a href="" target="_blank">This Looks Like An Elephant</a>" piece.


Exit Through the Gift Shop 100% real, says Mr. Brain Wash

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I tend to think that if a story's good enough, whether it's true becomes irrelevant, like that time I choked out a terrorist and gave Brooklyn Decker her first orgasm.


New Banksy graffiti causes pathetic LA girl fight

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I know, I know, if I write one more Banksy post this week I'll have to start wearing those big headphones everywhere I go and get my ears pierced with those plug thingies that make you look like Chief Fresh Beats of the Amazon Tribe.

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