Nick Stern’s ‘You Are Not Banksy’ Brings Banksy Street Art To Life


Nick Stern's 'You Are Not Banksy' photography series re-creates famous Banksy images using live models and clever props. He just released a new set of photos we've collected here.


Hanksy's Ferrell Cats May Be His Masterpiece, Introduces The World To Ron Purgundy


It's been several months since we've checked in with anonymous street artist Hanksy and we've missed out on all sort of developments in the life and times of everyone's favorite Banksy-parodying Tom Hanks enthusiast.


6.1 The Cooler

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Hanksy Brings Together Tom Hanks And Banksy. Finally.

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For the past year, Banksy parodies have been pasted to walls in the Lower East Side of New York City by the artist/artists known as (of course) "Hanksy.


More of the Story Behind Exit Through the Gift Shop

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When the director of an acclaimed documentary is a street artist famous for screwing with people and not revealing his identity, people are naturally going to wonder whether the events of the film happened the way they were presented.


‘Banksy of Bulgaria’ Turns Soviet Statues Into American Icons

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This Soviet monument in Sofia, Bulgaria, was painted by an anonymous artist Daily Mail says is nicknamed "The Banksy of Bulgaria" (but since Daily Mail is saying it, she could also be nicknamed The Bulgarian Hammer, The Lone Tambourine In The Wilderness, or Susan, and they'd still say she's nicknamed after Banksy).


Hanksy, A Cat On A Hot Jeep, And A Self-Sufficient Dog


101 Unusual, Impressive And Illegal Pieces Of Defaced Currency [Uproxx] Japan Facing Second Nuclear Disaster.

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Banksy photographed in LA. Maybe.

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Banksy was recently photographed in Los Angeles attending to his "This Looks Like An Elephant" piece.


Exit Through the Gift Shop 100% real, says Mr. Brain Wash

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I tend to think that if a story's good enough, whether it's true becomes irrelevant, like that time I choked out a terrorist and gave Brooklyn Decker her first orgasm.


New Banksy graffiti causes pathetic LA girl fight

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I know, I know, if I write one more Banksy post this week I'll have to start wearing those big headphones everywhere I go and get my ears pierced with those plug thingies that make you look like Chief Fresh Beats of the Amazon Tribe.


Banksy is in Hollywood or something

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This is supposedly a Banksy graffiti spotted in Hollywood.


Watch this mysterious Banksy documentary

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After the jump, you can watch a short documentary about Banksy called "B-Movie" (I watched it, it's interesting).


Oscar shrivs are too old for Banksy’s shenanigans

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Ahhh, I love the smell of made-up controversy in the morning.


Exit Through The Pet Shop (and Links)


Is Your Ugly Boyfriend Stressing You Out.


Banksy Is Willing To Accept His Oscar

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We talk a lot about Banksy these days, even though we don’t really know much about him.


Banksy’s Storyboard for ‘Simpsons’ Opening Credits

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As much as Internet know-it-alls like to talk about "The Simpsons'" long decline into irrelevance, the show has gotten back some of its long-lost edge this season, and no moment captures that better than the opening credits designed by graffiti artist Banksy.


Someone was willing to pay $1 million for Banksy’s identity

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An eBay user claiming to know the identity of British "street artist" Banksy had been auctioning off what he claimed to be Banksy's real name.

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