Bar Refaeli Channeled Her Inner Dragon And Got A Gold Facial For Whatever Reason

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Fashion's latest thing to do to stay young is to pour gold on your face. Hey, it worked for Viserys Targaryen, right?


Watch The Bar Refaeli Commercial That Was Deemed Too Sexy To Air Before 10 P.M.

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Israel is cool with Bar Refaeli having sex with two puppets. But three? NOPE.


Bar Refaeli’s Instagram Is A Real-Life Stefon Sketch: It Has EVERYTHING

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It's that thing where Bar Refaeli has a must-follow Instagram account.


The Go Daddy Nerd Is Out Of Control Now, May Never Work Again

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The video you’re about to watch, for starters, isn’t sports-related, but is, however, very important in the sense that it reminds us all to remember where we came from and to never let fame get to our heads.


Slow Down There, Go Daddy Nerd

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Actor Jesse Heiman is enjoying a tidal eave of attention after his Go Daddy Super Bowl ad, in which he made out with model Bar Refaeli.


This Dude Should Never Wash His Face Again

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Despite being a bro who loves the ladies, I’ve never really enjoyed Go Daddy’s overly suggestive Super Bowl spots, because they typically lack creativity.


Bar Refaeli’s Perfect Match (GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial)


Sexy meets smart in GoDaddy's 2013 Super Bowl commercial.


Kevin Garnett's Honey Nut Cheerios And Other Athletes Re-Imagined As Breakfast Foods

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In one of the better “Boys will be boys” stories of this early sports year, New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony reportedly took offense to something that Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said to him during Boston’s 102-96 victory on Monday night.


The Most Important Thing You’ll Read About Today: Shaun White Got A Haircut

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If there's one thing I've learned from being the editor-in-chief of a sports comedy blog, it's that dating a supermodel can be rough on your hair.

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10.3 The Cooler

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Natasha Michael Vick Has Spent More Than $29 Million of the $31 Million He's Made Since 2008 [Complex] NYC Gym Teacher Claims 6-Year-Old Student Beat Him Up [The Sideshow] The Next Big Battle in Internet Policy [Slate] Uncle Luke Plans To Run For Mayor [...].


Bar Refaeli Needs Your Help In Making A Sex Tape

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We've been waiting so long for "Bar Refaeli" and "sex tape" to be in the same sentence.


Bar Refaeli’s Sex Tape Kickstarter


Bar Refaeli's new Kickstarter campaign will allow donors to watch (and possibly star in) her sex tape.


10 Amazing Sports Predictions For This Week

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I think we all need to take a seat, maybe form a circle and just relax for a few minutes.


The Masters Putt Putt Course: Tiger Woods Used To Be Good At This, Too


I don't know, that shot to the twisty lighthouse looks fake.


Bar Refaeli Makes Tennis And Life Awesome

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Back in January, I offered my brilliant wisdom and relationship insight to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as his 31-year old wife, Gisele Bundchen, is believed to be on track to become the world’s first billionaire supermodel thanks to her new underwear line.

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Chris Paul & A Supermodel Jump On A Trampoline Together

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Earlier this morning, Sports Illustrated revealed that the mystery point guard who posed for this year's issue of the magazine's swimsuit edition (covered by our girl Kate Upton, who we featured in Dime #64) was Chris Paul.


Links with Snow Dogs & Bikinis

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Surprise, The Expendables is advertising on Uproxx.


6.25 The Cooler

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Brooke Lee Adams Bar Refaeli Sexy In Allure [Egotastic] A Look At Hip-Hop Movies Through The Years [Black Voices] Tweet Dreams: Aubrey O’Day’s Hottest Twitpics [Complex] ‘Jersey Shore’ Is Gay [Warming Glow] Bow Wow Sued Over Missed Gigs [Rap Weekly] Transvestite Gets Life For Stealing [...].

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