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Bart Scott Cut By The Jets, Takes Bravado With Him


The Jets cut Bart Scott, along with three other veterans, to open up more than $30 million in cap room.

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Bart Scott Boycotts His Own Boycott Of The Media

New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott continued his season-long battle against the media today as he attempted to get the entire Jets defense to pull their best Rasheed Wallace impersonations by only telling the postgame press, "both teams played hard" according to the New York Post's Bart Hubbuch.


Bart Scott Doesn’t Get How The Media Works


Back in July, New York Jets receiver Santonio Holmes vented his frustrations with the New York media, telling reporters that he didn’t appreciate how writers had been criticizing his team.


Bart Scott Says Ravens & Redskins Players Fought Over Strippers


In case you blinked and didn't notice, the NFL regular season is halfway over.


Bart Scott Is A Pretty Cool Guy


New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott trademarked the phrase “Can’t wait” earlier this year after he first said it in a playoff postgame interview, and he figured that if anyone was going to make money from the phrase it was going to be him.

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T-SIZZLE ONLY BANGING CELINE DION AURALLY Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs recently sat down for an interview on NFL Network to address some insipid comments by former teammate Bart Scott about how the Ravens aren't as loose since John Harbaugh took over as head coach.

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Bart Scott Is a Lot Less Intimidating in This Light


Bart Scott = Ollie the weather man from "Family Guy.


Your NFL Recap: The Divisional Playoffs


The Divisional playoffs of 2011 will be remembered for some epic upsets, Aaron Rodgers' coming out party and the precise moment when Patrick M. stopped caring about sports. Ravens Vs. Steelers Pre-Game Chatter: The division foes split the regular season series in two of the most physical games of the season. With both defenses chomping at the bit to back up their reps, there was no reason to expect anything different. What Went Down: It was the best of halfs, it was the worst of halfs for the Ravens. Their defense forced two first half turnovers including a head’s up Cory Reading fumble return of an assumed dead ball. But the overall anemia of Baltimore’s offense proved their demise: dropped passes, turnovers and a hideous -4 yards of third quarter offense. The game was still tied late in the fourth when Ben Roethlisberger added to his postseason resume with a perfect third down strike to rookie Antonio Brown. A dive from Rashard Mendenhall gave the Steelers a lead they wouldn’t relinquish, as a last gasp Ravens drive ended with a predictable heartbreaker. The Saga Continues: The Steelers move on to the AFC Championship against the Jets, who beat them at Heniz Field only a month ago. The Ravens will have to figure out why they continually lose to their rival in big games, and if off-season acquisitions T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Anquan Boldin can get over their drops. Packers Vs. Falcons Pre-Game Chatter: Despite Atlanta’s dominance of the NFC, most experts preferred the six seed Packers to prevail behind the offensive fireworks of Aaron Rodgers and company. What Went Down: Pretty much exactly what the experts preferred. Atlanta took an early lead thanks to a kickoff return from dynamo Eric Weems, but that was pretty much it for the Dirty Birds. Rodgers carved up their defense like a Thanksgiving turkey, completing over 85% of his passes for 300 plus yards and three touchdowns. By the time Atlanta knew what hit them, the Pack had put up 35 straight points on the number one seed. The Saga Continues: Atlanta’s left to pick up the pieces following a crushing defeat that de-legitimized their entire season. Green Bay continues on their run as the six seed no one wants a piece of against rival Chicago. Skip Bayless gloats.

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