Topps Is Giving 50 Cent’s All-Time Worst First Pitch Its Own Baseball Card

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A truly glorious moment that should be celebrated for ages, 50 Cent's hilariously bad first pitch has become a baseball card.


50 Cent’s Awful First Pitch Is Now Commemorated In The Form Of A Baseball Card

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50 Cent's first pitch is being made into a baseball card.

#Jack White

Jack White Is Getting His Own Topps Baseball Card

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I'll trade you my Jack White for a Ken Griffey rookie from Fleer.


The Dugout: Ken Griffey Jr. Is Great At Interviews

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Ken Griffey Jr gives great interviews about baseball cards. On today's The Dugout, the Kid speaks candidly with Linda Cohn, a woman he does not super hate.


The Baseball Card Vandals Offered Up Some Football Cards For The NFL Season Opener


Earlier this year, during my morning routine of looking for hilarious pictures and GIFs in these here cat tubes, I came across a Tumblr page that instantly became my favorite thing of 2013.


Sports On TV: The Wonder Years’ 15 Greatest Sports Moments

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There's only one way to start a column about 'The Wonder Years.


Talkin Cards With Bob Masters Is My New Favorite Thing

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Here's what made my day better today: "Talkin Cards.


Screw It, They’re Worth Nothing Anyway: The Best Of ‘Baseball Card Vandals’

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I’m not much for the whole hyperbole thing, as I naturally like to keep my over-embellishment limited to Brittney Palmer being the greatest person ever in the history of history, but I do find myself using the “My favorite thing ever” tag on a pretty regular basis.


Try Not To Remember This: ALF’s 1987 Bouillabaseball Cards

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If you're a regular reader of our Sports On TV column, it'd be possible to mistake me as a guy with great taste in television.


Morning Links: Now Only 90% About Wrestling


Links ACW: Beyond Good & Evil 2011 - You really want to see Rachel Summerlyn dressed as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Morning Links: Appreciation For People Who Could Kill Me

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KANA, Sara Del Rey, and my heart somewhere in the middle.


Morning Links: Wall Cake

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Sports John Wall Claims Another Set of Ankles - Watch the world's worst pitcher playing a sport he's good at.


Morning Links: Doesn’t Do Whatever A Spider Can

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Sports Spider-Man Basketball Looks Spazzier Than Vampire Baseball - I'm not the first one to notice it, but it's weird how much they want the next Spider-Man movie to look like Twilight.


Morning Links: 134th Place, Are You F**king Kidding Me

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In case you haven't been reading With Leather very closely over the last week (and hey, it happens), we've been doing another fantasy baseball promotion with DraftStreet.com, mostly so I could avenge my 50th-something place finish in the first game.


Morning Links: Steve Carlton is Getting Too Old For This Sh**

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Today I start trying to convince you to read about baseball cards.


Morning Links: Good Morning and Welcome to A Website

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Those are vegan links, by the way, which is why they look like they were freshly squeezed out of a dog's butt.


These Nuns Is About To Get Paid

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A Baltimore-based order of nuns is cashing in on a pretty sweet present that was willed to them more than 11 years ago.

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