2 Chainz – “Like Me” Video

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2 Chainz continues <a href="">emptying out the clip</a> on his T.


2 Chainz Ft. Lil Wayne – “Yuck” Video

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Dear Tity, We're at an awkward point in our relationship, with you as the rapper and me as the anxious fan.


2 Chainz – “Crack” Video


2 Chainz's still turning out videos for 7-month-old Based On A T.


2 Chainz – “I’m Different” Video

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2 Chainz crafts a video for his hit "I'm Different.

the dream

2 Chainz Ft. The-Dream – “Extremely Blessed” Video

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Since I'm sure very few of you actually checked out 2 Chainz' Based On A TRU Story debut, I'm pleased the Terius Nash-assisted "Extremely Blessed" got the video treatment, as this jam has been in steady rotation since the album's August release.


2 Chainz Feat. Kanye West – “Birthday Song” Video

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For a guy who's got the world at his fingertips right now, 2 Chainz is a simple man and there's nothing terribly fancy about these <a href="">"Birthday Song"</a> visuals.


2 Chainz Owns The Number One Album In The Country

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2 Chainz is having a a full-fledged Lazarus moment.


8.14 The Cooler

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Chocolate Dolly VH1 Pulls The Plug On ‘Ev And Ocho’ Reality Show <a href="">[Crunk & Disorderly]</a> Timbaland & Missy Elliott Don't Have "Any Plans" To Participate In Aaliyah Album <a href="">[HHW]</a> T.

Nicki Minaj

2 Chainz Feat. Nicki Minaj – “I Luv Dem Strippers” Video

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Let's do a quick two-point breakdown for 2 Chainz's "I Luv Dem Strippers" video, directed by Benny Boom and featuring Nicki Minaj, who doesn't strip if that's what you were hoping.


2 Chainz Feat. Lil Wayne – “Yuck”

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2 Chainz Def Jam debut found its way onto the web early and we get a peek at the album's opener "Yuck," whose title can be explained away in the song's opening lines "Known to act a donkey on the camel toe, then take the camel toe and turn it into casserole.

#Kanye West

2 Chainz Feat. Kanye West – “Birthday Song”

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After "Mercy"'s smashing success, it was only a matter of time before America's Poet Laureate, 2 Chainz, linked up again with Kanye West.


2 Chainz Feat. Drake – “No Lie” Video

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Dos Necklaces lets loose of his visual with Young Club Closer - seen here smoking on hookah* - in what has officially become the lead single for Based On A T.


2 Chainz Feat. Drake – “No Lie”

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Saying 2 Chainz is poised to have a breakout summer becoming a household name is probably like saying Kobe won't hesitate to shoot tonight against the Nuggets.

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