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Taking The Edge Off (With Bath Salts)


A pair of co-workers take bath salts to get them through the big presentation.

bath salts

The CDC Reminds Us Zombies Aren't Real, Still Runs A 'Zombie Preparedness' Website

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<a href="" rel="attachment wp-att-68061"></a>Keep calm and carry on.

bath salts

Well Of Course There's A Yelp Review For 'That Guy's Face'


Okay here's the thing: I've done everything in my power to avoid the so-called <a href="">"South Beach cannibal" story</a> -- the tragic tale of the homeless guy who had his face eaten off by another homeless guy who was hopped up on bath salts in Miami.

goat fuckers

If You Read One Story Today Involving Bath Salts, Lady’s Underwear And A Dead Goat, Let It Be This One


Every now and then, a local news outlet -- typically one below the Mason-Dixon line -- will unleash something onto the web so jaw-droppingly insane that, as a person who writes on the internet, I can almost feel myself becoming engorged as I read it.

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