Harley Quinn Voice Actor Tara Strong Cosplayed As Harley Quinn Because Life Is Worth Living

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Tara Strong, who voiced Harley Quinn in 'Batman: Arkham City', also cosplays as the character. Yes please.


15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'

By | 30 Comments

We got on our detective hats and dug up some interesting facts about the best superhero game of all time, 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'...


9 Ways ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Needs To Improve The Arkham Formula

By | 66 Comments

The Arkham titles are almost perfect Batman games, but there's still room for improvement...


Here's The First Trailer For 'Batman: Arkham Knight' To Blow Your Bat-Loving Mind

By | 38 Comments

Rocksteady Studios are back with a new Batman game, and it looks pretty amazing...

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GammaSquad’s 50 Greatest Console Games Of The Past Generation (#5 – 1)

By | 155 Comments

Our rather eclectic list of the best Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii games reaches it's conclusion...


Want To See Mark Hamill Do The Joker Voice While Hanging Out With Tara Strong?

By | 17 Comments

Mark Hamill and Tara Strong, the current voices of The Joker and Harley Quinn, recorded a video of them talking in character.


Five Nominees For The Best Superhero Game Of All Time

By | 53 Comments

We have a discussion about what's the best superhero game of all time... and, of course, offer some nominees.


Batman To Do The 'Arkham' Thing Again Sooner Than Expected

By | 19 Comments

Another 'Batman Arkham' game is on it's way in 2013...


Warner Bros. Is Registering Every ‘Batman Arkham’ Domain Name They Can Get Their Hands On

By | 15 Comments

Could these domains be for the next Batman game, or the next Batman movie?

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6 Overused Video Game TV Ad Templates That Need to Die

By | 21 Comments

I remember when TV ads for video games used to be good, or at the very least memorable.

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Power Up: The Top 14 Video Games Of 2011

By | 29 Comments

2011 was the year of dragon slaying, V12 engines, chilling murder mysteries and good 'ol 'shrooms.


Meet More of the Penguin and Grundy in “Arkham City”


We knew the Penguin was going to be in the upcoming "Arkham City".


Harley Quinn Is a Dude?


Remember that "sexy" trailer for Harley Quinn in "Arkham City".


The Riddler Gets His Own “Batman: Arkham City” Trailer

By | 2 Comments

The newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City (for sale October 18th) shows the return of the Riddler.


Over 12 Minutes of Batman: Arkham City


Warner Brothers Interactive and Rocksteady Games have put out more footage from Batman: Arkham City which is much longer than the previous to Batman: Arkham Asylum and covers an area five times larger than the previous game.


Batman: Arkham City Has Some Full-On Riddler Action


If there was one slightly infuriating thing about the-otherwise-perfect-game Batman: Arkham Asylum, it was those dang Riddler challenges.

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