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‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Debuts A New Story Trailer Packed With Rogues

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'Batman: Arkham Knight' looks gorgeous and is packed full of supervillains.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Peter Tomasi Answers A Few Questions About ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’


A prequel to the upcoming final 'Batman: Arkham' game begins today, and its writer spoke with us about what to expect.

Batman: Arkham Knight

‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Will Be The First Ever M-Rated Batman Game

By | 32 Comments

Better bring a parent along if you want to buy the latest Batman game, kids!

Batman: Arkham Knight

The ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Limited Edition Statue May Give Away A Big Spoiler

By | 20 Comments

Batman: Arkham Knight's limited edition comes with a lot of cool swag, including, possibly, a major plot point.

Batman: Arkham Knight

New ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer Unleashes A Scarecrow Nightmare

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'Batman: Arkham Knight' unveils a new PS4-exclusive, Scarecrow-focused mission.

Batman: Arkham Knight

The Batmobile Is The Star Of The Latest ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Trailer

By | 6 Comments

It's full-on tank warfare on the streets of Gotham in the second part of Batman: Arkham Knight's Ace Chemicals trailer.


‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Debuts A Meaty Slab Of Gameplay

By | 16 Comments

'Batman: Arkham Knight' tells 'story trailers' to get stuffed and gives us a heaping chunk of gameplay for Thanksgiving.

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Your Guide To Surviving The Delay-Ravaged 2014 Fall Gaming Season

By | 21 Comments

2014 has seen a lot of big name delays, but thankfully most of them can be replaced by games that still coming out this year.


‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Has A Release Date, But It’s Further Off Than You Were Hoping

By | 16 Comments

We now know exactly how excruciating the wait for 'Batman: Arkham Knight' will be.


Microsoft Probably Leaked The ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Release Date

By | 3 Comments

Microsoft's pre-order page for the delayed 'Batman: Arkham Knight' is displaying a release date for the Xbox One version of the game.


‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Might Be Coming Sooner Than We Thought

By | 7 Comments

'Batman: Arkham Knight' was delayed to 2015, but that may be only barely a delay.

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Sony Delivers ‘GTA V’ For PS4, ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ And ‘Uncharted 4′ In A Packed E3 Press Conference

By | 24 Comments

Also, 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain', 'Mortal Kombat X', 'The Last of Us Remastered', 'The Order: 1886' and more. Told you it was packed!


‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Is The Latest Game Delayed To 2015 (Plus Batmobile Footage)

By | 15 Comments

'Batman: Arkham Knight' is the latest game delayed to next year, and the one that hurts the most.


5 Scarecrow Stories To Prepare You For ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’

By | 19 Comments

Scarecrow has a central role in 'Batman: Arkham Knight', so let's scrounge up some of his scariest stories.


‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Debuts A Beautiful Gameplay Trailer

By | 18 Comments

'Batman: Arkham Knight' gets ready to drive fast and slam knees into faces.


15 Fascinating Facts You May Not Know About 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'

By | 30 Comments

We got on our detective hats and dug up some interesting facts about the best superhero game of all time, 'Batman: Arkham Asylum'...


9 Ways ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Needs To Improve The Arkham Formula

By | 66 Comments

The Arkham titles are almost perfect Batman games, but there's still room for improvement...


Here's The First Trailer For 'Batman: Arkham Knight' To Blow Your Bat-Loving Mind

By | 38 Comments

Rocksteady Studios are back with a new Batman game, and it looks pretty amazing...

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