Christian Bale’s Fancy Art Movie Is Better With Batman In These Mashups

Christian Bale has a fancy art movie coming called 'Knight of Cups.' So of course the Internet made it into a Batman movie.


Let’s Talk About Tonight’s Geeky TV: Angry Alfred Tears Apart ‘Gotham’


Angry Alfred beats the hell out of all of 'Gotham,' which we liveblog with glee. Plus, the rest of tonight's geeky television.

Christopher Nolan

No More DC Comics Movies For Christopher Nolan


The man responsible for ushering in a new era in the comic movieverse isn't interested in helming more superhero films, at least right now.


Christian Bale’s Upcoming Performance As Steve Jobs Looks A Bit Familiar


Something about this Steve Jobs biopic seems familiar, but we just can't put our finger on it.


Breaking Bad Vs Street Fighter, Teenage Mutant Ninja Godzilla, And Other Mashups

Featured mashup videos of the week, including Jesse Pinkman fighting Ryu, TMNT/Godzilla, Batman, Doctor Who, and more.


Here’s How ‘Batman Begins’ Should Have Ended, Giving Ra’s Al Ghul The Finger


How It Should Have Ended turns their attention to 'Batman Begins', explains how Batman should have been able to foil Ra's al Ghul plans with one finger.


Here’s Video Of Cillian Murphy And Eion Bailey’s Batman Auditions, While It Lasts


In audition to Christian Bale's audition to play Batman, we now have footage of two actors' Batman auditions: Eion Bailey and Cillian Murphy.


Check Out Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Aaron Eckhart, and Cillian Murphy’s Batman Auditions


Last Sunday morning, we posted Christian Bale's Batman audition. Now we've seen Cillian Murphy as Batman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, and Aaron Eckhart.


Watch Christian Bale Audition For Batman In Val Kilmer’s Old Costume With Amy Adams


Over the weekend, this video clip of Christian Bale’s audition for Batman Begins found its way to the YouTubes and it’s pretty revealing in a few interesting ways.


How About A Video Of Christian Bale’s Screen Test To Play Batman


Care to see the audition that earned Christian Bale the role of Batman? It's a special feature on 'The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ultimate Collector's Edition'.


The Bat Tumbler Is Now Real And Totally Street Legal


The Bat Tumbler to race in the not-terribly-badass sounding Gumball 3000...


ABC Family Doesn’t Understand ‘Batman Begins’ (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring an off-the-mark 'Batman Begins' ad on ABC Family, Nathan Fillion's tweet about Jayne hats, and an unenthusiastic lemur.


Cookie Monster Is The Monster Gotham Deserves

Cookie Monster plays the role of Batman in the final scene of 'Batman Begins' because internet.


Batman Parody Delves Into The Dark Knight's Unique Phobias

Front Page Films shot a Batman parody starring Pete Holmes and Christopher McDonald in which Batman has some very quirky phobias.


7 Reasons ‘Batman Begins’ Is The Best Christopher Nolan Bat-Movie


Christopher Nolan's Bat-trilogy has come to an end. Here's why his first Batman movie was his best...


Dark Knight Rises Won’t Get No Ra’s Al Ghul

If there's one thing that Ra's al Ghul is known for (apart from having a smoking hot bat-seducing daughter), it's not dying.


Three Villains Revealed For Arkham Asylum 2?

For a place that's so hard for Batman to sneak into, Arkham Asylum sure has a hell of a lot of leaks.

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