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Denzel Washington Is Rumored To Be Playing Green Lantern

By | 50 Comments

Denzel Washington might be playing Green Lantern in the increasingly inaptly named "Batman/Superman."


Will Nightwing Be In ‘Batman/Superman?’

By | 9 Comments

Nightwing may join Wonder Woman for 'Batman/Superman.'


Jumping The Gun: Where Does Ben Affleck Rank Amongst Bat-Actors?

By | 47 Comments

Where will Ben Affleck rank amongst Bat-actors? It's too early to say! Or *is* it?

comic-con 2013

Warner Bros. Wins Comic Con By Announcing ‘Batman/Superman’ Crossover Movie

By | 71 Comments

Warner Bros. surprises with a massive Batman/Superman crossover movie announcement...


Writer Greg Pak Of ‘Batman/Superman’ On Heroes And Spoilers

By | 7 Comments

Greg Pak talks about his new 'Batman/Superman' title, and about writing such powerful characters.

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