So About That Ridiculous-Sounding ‘Baywatch’ Parody Movie, ‘The B Team’…

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Did you know there's going to be a "Charlie's Angels"-esque Baywatch parody movie called The B-Team? Because there is.


Barkwatch (Dog ‘Baywatch’ Parody)


What's better than the opening theme to Baywatch? The opening theme to Baywatch with dogs.


This Woman Has Spent $31,000 On Plastic Surgery To Look Like Pam Anderson

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Would you spend over $30,000 to look like Pam Anderson? (No, you would not.)

rescue 3

Dolph Lundgren Will Star In A New Syndicated Action Series From The Creator Of ‘Baywatch’

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Dolph Lundgren is set to star in a 'Baywatch'-esque syndicated action series titled 'Rescue 3,' and it sounds like the most "syndicated action series" ever.

David Hasselhoff

‘The State’ Alum Robert Ben Garant To Direct Baywatch Movie

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When I read that there was actually (and, well, finally) a Baywatch movie in production, I unleashed a groan that shook Mother Earth to her very core.

Before They Were Stars: Mila Kunis Appeared On 'Baywatch' When She Was 11

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Way back in 1994, a young Mila Kunis appeared on an episode of 'Baywatch' as a student on a field trip to the beach.


So, Remember When That Former 'Baywatch' Star Went Looking For Noah's Ark?

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Former "Baywatch" star Donna D'Errico injured herself during her quest to find Noah's Ark on a mountain in Turkey.


Tuesday Morning Links Are Exciting


I like the part where he says he's excited.


Donna D'Errico Is On The Hunt For Noah's Ark

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Esquire published a huge <a href="">oral history of "Baywatch"</a> today.

David Hasselhoff

GTFO, a ‘Baywatch’ Movie?

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Now that "Rescue Me" creator Peter Tolan is done honoring New York City firefighters, he's taken on a project that REALLY matters: writing a script for a "Baywatch" movie.


Corgi Baywatch & Morning Links

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It may be a Monday, but you know what keeps away The Mondays.


Corgi Friday Bonus: CORGIWATCH

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DG here with BONUS TV-RELATED Corgi Friday.


Old Baywatch Chicks Want Reality Show

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Former 'Baywatch" stars Nicole Eggert, Gena Lee Nolin, Traci Bingham, and Donna D'Errico are reportedly shopping a reality show in which they do whatever it is they do these days.

anna faris

Remake Watch: Baywatch movie, Michael Bay doing Rosemary’s Baby?

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Hollywood execs would rather watch cable than read scripts, so naturally, there are a lot of remakes on the way.



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"Lost" has no opening credits, just discordant horns as the word "LOST" appears on a black screen.

america's got talent


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David Hasselhoff has once again gotten so drunk that he needed hospitalization, and the details of his London bender are too spectacular and numerous for me to succinctly recount, so please do yourself the favor of reading <a href="" target="_blank">The Sun's account</a> (emphasis added): A source close to the star said: "David is very hard to handle when he drinks, often very emotional and aggressive.



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The newest trailer for Twilight Saga: New Moon premiered at the MTV Whatever it was this time awards last night, and it looks like they're targeting the male demographic with this one.

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