Tom Felton Is Making A BBC Documentary About Harry Potter And Other Fandoms

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Actor Tom Felton, who is best known as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, is teaming up with the BBC to produce a documentary about super-fans, including the Harry Potter fandom.


Amazon Prime Ditches ‘Doctor Who’ And Many Other BBC Shows Over Exclusivity Deal

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According to the company, if shows are on Amazon Prime Instant, they shouldn't be allowed on other subscription services.


Relax, Netflix Isn’t Getting Rid Of ‘Doctor Who’ Thanks To A Last Minute Deal With The BBC

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Netflix isn't breaking up with the BBC just yet, signing a new deal with the broadcaster to keep classic shows and add a few new ones.


Netflix Set To Lose ‘Doctor Who,’ ‘Luther,’ And Many Other BBC Shows This Month

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Here are some the shows Netflix streaming will lose this month if they don't settle a contract with the BBC.


Mark Ruffalo And James McAvoy Ride Unicycles In The Strangest Marvel Crossover Event Ever


Mark Ruffalo returns to the show where he revealed his unicycle-riding past, and he brought another unicyclist with him.


Hundreds Of Boring People Complained To BBC About Rita Ora’s Boobs

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Brits aren't ready to see Rita Ora's boobs, apparently.


The ‘Blackadder’ Sketches That Cemented Rowan Atkinson As A Comedy Force

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British comedy legend Rowan Atkinson turns 60 today. Let's celebrate with six of his best bits from 'Blackadder' on the BBC.


Eddie Redmayne Reenacted His Disastrous ‘Hobbit’ Audition For Anna Kendrick


Eddie Redmayne explains what went wrong during his audition for 'The Hobbit', and Anna Kendrick's reaction was perfect.


Watch This BBC Reporter And Camera Crew Get Really High Standing Next To A Burning Pile Of Drugs

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When these drugs start burning, It's not just a contact high. This news crew starts tripping balls within seconds.

Doctor Who Theme Park

‘Doctor Who’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Star Trek’, And More May Anchor A New Mega-Theme Park In England


Paramount and The BBC have teamed up to build London's answer to Disney World, and 'Doctor Who' could be a main attraction.


Fox Continues Its British Invasion By Ordering A Pilot For A ‘Luther’ Adaptation

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In an attempt to one-up David Tennant, maybe Idris Elba will play every single role in the American version of the hit British show.

#John Oliver

Watch Cookie Monster Completely Lose It When John Oliver Tells Him He Doesn’t Know What A Cookie Is

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You better use choice words when telling Cookie Monster he's going someplace that doesn't have any cookies.


Tom Hiddleston And Hugh Laurie Are Going To Star In Your New Favorite TV Show For AMC

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AMC will reportedly air a very British intrigue-laced event series for Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie that you are ordered to love.

russell brand

Russell Brand Is Not A Fan Of Graphs, But He Might Be A Fan Of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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Russell Brand is causing a stir again, this time by hating on graphs and bringing up the validity of 9/11 conspiracies.


Robert Downey Jr. Took Home The Giant ‘A’ From ‘The Avengers’

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Robert Downey Jr. made a joke about wanting the big "A" in 'The Avengers', and Marvel delivered. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck can't get a batsuit.

bbc music

BBC Music Pulled Off The Most Ridiculous, Star-Studded Cover Of ‘God Only Knows’

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For the launch of BBC Music and in support of Children in Need, 27 music stars headlined an amazing cover of 'God Only Knows.'


Benedict Cumberbatch Has The Hardest Time Saying The Word Penguin


During the BBC Two nature series 'South Pacific,' narrator Benedict Cumberbatch just couldn't seem to pronounce the word penguin.


What’s On Tonight: Stringer Bell Drives Fast Cars In Scotland

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The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including "Idris Elba: King of Speed."

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