It’s Time To Fire Brent Musburger

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It has been nearly two days since ESPN's Brent Musburger blurted "This is for all the Tostitos" at the end of Monday night's BCS title game, but I'm still pretty miffed about it, and I'd imagine most of you are as well.


Does Michael Dyer Look Down To You?

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One controversial play came out of Auburn's BCS championship win over Oregon last night, and it was that fourth quarter run from Auburn running back Stephen Dyer.


BCS: See How The Coaches Voted

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Just wanted to point out that USA Today has an impressive interactive infographic involving the final Top 25 ballots filled out by those rascally big-time college football coaches.


BCS Standings: LSU Ranked 5th…Somehow

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I really hate debating college football because every team out there plays in a vacuum; SEC teams play other SEC teams and Pac-10 teams play other teams in their league and so on down the pecking order.


Gene Chizik, Step To The Head Of The Class

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There haven't been many more head-scratching hirings in college football than that of Gene Chizik, and it wasn't just because of the name, which is just one letter short of resembling a horrible draw in "Scrabble.


Ohio State Ready To Ruin Another BCS

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After dispensing of perennial Big Ten football power Indiana, Ohio State found itself on top of both the AP and coaches' poll rankings.



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Back in the day, a Division I-A football team could finish undefeated and have a chance to win at least a piece of the national championship.



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Southern Cal head football coach Pete Carroll has taken a look at the first 2009 BCS poll that came out earlier this week and, no sir, he doesn't like it.

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