#Iggy Azalea

Papa John’s Punished The Driver Who Gave Out Iggy Azalea’s Phone Number

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That's the last time Iggy Azalea calls Papa John's for mediocre pizza.


Former ROH Owner Cary Silken Is Mad At Ric Flair And Losing His Mind On Twitter Right Now

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Ric Flair owes former Ring Of Honor owner Cary Silken a lot of money, and Cary decided to tell Twitter about it. That'll solve things!


Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Ex Is Clearly #TeamKiefer In The Freddie Prinze Jr./Kiefer Sutherland Death Feud

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Freddy Prinze Jr.'s ex, Kimberly McCullough, is obviously taking Kiefer Sutherland's side in his beef with her "douche" ex.


Here’s T.I.’s Surprising Response To Floyd Mayweather’s ‘F*ckin’ His B*tch’ Comments


T.I.’s taking the high and holy road when it comes to Floyd Mayweather.


Beef Alert: Conan Called Out Colbert For Ripping Off The Masturbating Bear

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Here's Conan calling out Colbert on his lack of late night decorum, complete with copious footage of bears masturbating.


Kristen Stewart Threatened to Sue Joan Rivers Over Her Rupert Sanders Super Zing

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Joan Rivers and Kristen Stewart are currently engaged in an EPIC BEEF over the former's insinuation that the latter juggles married men's balls.

rock and roll hall of fame

Gene Simmons Has A Bunch Of Problems With The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

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Have a minute? KISS rocker Gene Simmons would love to tell you how pissed off at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he is.

Charlamagne Tha God

Charlamagne Tha God Responds To Kanye West Latest Whiny Rant


Can someone just book Kanye and Charlamagne a boxing ring or something?

sharting sharters

Sharting Sharter Al Roker Has A Hot Beef With NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

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Al Roker is not happy with NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for not listening to weather people like him. BURN!


Drake Is Mad At Rolling Stone For Publishing His Comments About Kanye West, But Who’s Really To Blame?


Drake obviously didn’t receive the proper media training because he said some things about Kanye West to a reporter that he thought were off the record.


GSP and Dana White Are Beefing Over Drug Testing, Monopolies And Probably Everything Else

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Why can't Georges St-Pierre and Dana White be friends? Besides the whole drug testing thing. And the market monopolies. And the everything else ever.


Sean Hannity: Ryan Adams Is A ‘Gutless Little Coward’ For Going On A ‘Liberal Twitter Tirade’

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Ryan Adams went on one of his patented "liberal Twitter tirades," so Sean Hannity called him out for being a "gutless little coward" on Fox News.


2 Live Crew’s Uncle Luke: “Spike Lee is a bougie house negro”

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Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke, is surely best known for writing songs like "Me So Horny" and "Pop That Coochie" with 2 Live Crew, but he has warranted mention on this site a few times before, like when he starred in a Sundance short where he has sex with some naked zombies.


Armond White heckled Michael Moore because of course

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As mentioned in the previous post, the New York Film Critics Circle had their awards ceremony this week, and as a three-time former chairman of the circle, our favorite old curmudgeonarion thesaurasaurus Armond White was in the audience.


Drake Vs. Walgreens & Macy’s In The War Over ‘YOLO': Who Ya Got?

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A hilarious "beef" began brewing over the Christmas break and it would be a travesty if UPROXX readers missed out on it: Drake vs. Walgreens and Macy's.

#Jay Z

Is The Apparent Jay-Z Vs. Robert Deniro Beef The Greatest Beef Of All-Time?

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Look, Jay-Z, I know you're Jay-Z and all, and in the 21st century people text more than they call, but when Bob Deniro calls you you BETTER DAMN WELL RETURN HIS CALLS!

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