For His 21st Birthday, Hellboy Is Getting His Own Beer

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The Right Hand of Doom that can be enjoyed in either hand.


Here’s The Sequel To Last Year’s Adorable Budweiser Super Bowl Puppy Commercial

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The sequel to last year's Budweiser 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl commercial is here and it will almost definitely make you cry.


Of Course Portland Now Wants To Make Beer Out Of Sewage Water

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If state approved, Clean Water Services will supply treated wastewater to a group of Portland home brewers known as "The Oregon Brew Crew."


Watch This Lucky Guy Play ‘Real Life Pacman’ In Bud Light’s New Super Bowl Commercial

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The new Super Bowl ad from Bud Light's "Up For Whatever" campaign throws our hero into a real life version of the classic video game Pacman.

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This Man Attempts To Drink A Beer In Front Of An Industrial Air Compressor And It Ends As Expected

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What happens when a redneck tries to drink a beer in front of an air compressor?


Coors Is Jumping In On The Gluten-Free Craze With A New Lager

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Just what every kegger really needs -- an option for Celiac-sufferering party-goers.

nope nope nope

An Icelandic Brewery Is Making A Beer Flavored With Endangered Whale Testicles

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Soon you will be able to purchase an Icelandic beer made with the cured testicles of the endangered fin whale. Hooray for you.


Finally, A Beer Designed To Make You Better At Your Job

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Finally, a beer designed to be consumed while working.


Is Rogue Brewery’s Delicious-Sounding Sriracha Stout The Most Hipster Beer Ever?

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Rogue Ales are known for their weird beer flavor combinations, so it should come as no surprise that they've developed a Sriracha-flavored stout.


Say Hello to The Netflix-Style Mobile App That Makes Booze Shopping Easy

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'Next Glass' is a mobile app that uses a Netflix-style recommendation engine to help users pick new beers and wines to try.

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Watch This Creighton Player Get Beer Dumped On Him While Diving Into The Stands


This poor player's hustle was rewarded with a cup full of beer to the face.


Coming Soon: A Scrapple-Flavored Breakfast Beer

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Just what you've always wanted... a scrapple-flavored beer.


Are The Seattle Seahawks Selling Watered-Down Beer To Their Fans?

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Are The Seattle Seahawks Selling Watered-Down Beer To Their Fans?


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: 4 Ideas For Better Drinks

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Need to chill a beer quickly or serve it in a better way? Here are four ideas for common gameday quandaries.


Amy Schumer Stopped Drinking For Her Appearance On ‘The Late Show,’ But Instantly Regretted It

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Amy Schumer describes how me she loves to drink to David Letterman. It's addiction with a comedic spin!


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: Five Tips For Better Barbecuing

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Sick of dry chicken and grey steak? Here's how to get the best barbecue, every time.

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Someone Stole A Huge Truck Full Of Miller High Life From An Orlando Truck Stop

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A teary-eyed driver told the local news that his truck full of Miller High Life had been stolen from a truck stop in Orlando.


Someone Is Buying Up All The Count Chocula Cereal In Fort Collins, Colorado

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The Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado is buying up boxes of Count Chocula for their new Cerealiously beer, but local residents are not happy that the season cereal is nowhere to be found on grocery store shelves.


Watch This Cat Enjoy The Rest Of His Owner’s Cold Beer

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This cat gets a taste of his owner's beer and can't resist gulping the rest of it down.

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