Is Rogue Brewery’s Delicious-Sounding Sriracha Stout The Most Hipster Beer Ever?

By | 12 Comments

Rogue Ales are known for their weird beer flavor combinations, so it should come as no surprise that they've developed a Sriracha-flavored stout.


Say Hello to The Netflix-Style Mobile App That Makes Booze Shopping Easy

By | 15 Comments

'Next Glass' is a mobile app that uses a Netflix-style recommendation engine to help users pick new beers and wines to try.

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Watch This Creighton Player Get Beer Dumped On Him While Diving Into The Stands


This poor player's hustle was rewarded with a cup full of beer to the face.


Coming Soon: A Scrapple-Flavored Breakfast Beer

By | 2 Comments

Just what you've always wanted... a scrapple-flavored beer.


Are The Seattle Seahawks Selling Watered-Down Beer To Their Fans?

By | 13 Comments

Are The Seattle Seahawks Selling Watered-Down Beer To Their Fans?


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: 4 Ideas For Better Drinks

Promoted by Miller Lite

Need to chill a beer quickly or serve it in a better way? Here are four ideas for common gameday quandaries.


Amy Schumer Stopped Drinking For Her Appearance On ‘The Late Show,’ But Instantly Regretted It

By | 38 Comments

Amy Schumer describes how me she loves to drink to David Letterman. It's addiction with a comedic spin!


The Ultimate Football Lifehacks: Five Tips For Better Barbecuing

Promoted by Miller Lite

Sick of dry chicken and grey steak? Here's how to get the best barbecue, every time.

Miller High Life

Someone Stole A Huge Truck Full Of Miller High Life From An Orlando Truck Stop

By | 7 Comments

A teary-eyed driver told the local news that his truck full of Miller High Life had been stolen from a truck stop in Orlando.


Someone Is Buying Up All The Count Chocula Cereal In Fort Collins, Colorado

By | 5 Comments

The Black Bottle Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado is buying up boxes of Count Chocula for their new Cerealiously beer, but local residents are not happy that the season cereal is nowhere to be found on grocery store shelves.


Watch This Cat Enjoy The Rest Of His Owner’s Cold Beer

By | 5 Comments

This cat gets a taste of his owner's beer and can't resist gulping the rest of it down.


A Compound Found In Beer Can Increase Your Intelligence

By | 5 Comments

Well, if you're young, it can. Is there anything beer can't do?


World’s Worst Couple Waste Beautiful Beer In This Terrible Kiss Cam Moment

By | 9 Comments

Hey everyone, look at these two idiots wasting good, wholesome beer. They're the worst.


Budweiser’s New Puppy-Centric Commercial Is The Perfect Anti-Drunk Driving Ad

By | 18 Comments

In addition to all the other devastation and havoc it can wreak, drunk driving also has the power to kill puppy love.


Arian Foster Responds To Anheuser-Busch Saying That They’re Reviewing Their NFL Sponsorship

By | 19 Comments

Budweiser wants you to know they're strongly reviewing their sponsorship with the NFL and Arian Foster wants you know he sees right through it.

The Hobbit

It Comes In Pints! …Sorta. Officially Licensed Hobbit Beer Is Shipping Now.

By | 2 Comments

A trio of specialty beers based on 'The Hobbit' will hopefully be in stores before the final installment of the films in December.


Seth Rogen Drank Beer Out Of The Stanley Cup Like A Good Canadian, Eh?

By | 2 Comments

Seth Rogen and the Stanley Cup came together for the sake of PEAK CANADA.


People Are Pissed Off Over David Duchovny’s Russian Beer Commercial

By | 14 Comments

Self-proclaimed Ukrainian David Duchovny celebrated his Russian heritage in a new commercial for Siberian Crown beer, and people are upset.

This Guy Pouring A Beer Using Just His Forehead Is The Hero The Internet Needs Right Now


Dibs on starting the Kickstarter for this dude's touring brewery tutorial.

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