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26 Interesting Facts About Beer


Did you know the first professional beer brewers were women.


The Chicago Cubs Want Fans To Get Drunk Before They Even Get Into Wrigley

By | 6 Comments

A new city ordinance would allow the Chicago Cubs to sell beer and alcohol to fans in the plaza outside Wrigley Field at all hours of the day.


Charles Barkley On Michael Jordan: ‘Black People Don’t Play Beer Pong’

By | 14 Comments

When asked if he could win a game of beer pong with Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley explained why 'black people don't play beer pong.'


Penn State Tries To Redeem Itself With The Epic ‘PSU Grandma Tries A Beer Bong’


PSU Grandma Tries A Beer Bong is exactly what it sounds like, although "PSU GRANDMA DOMINATES BEER BONG" also would've worked.


Beer-Retrieving Dog Gets Stuck Inside Refrigerator


A labrador demonstrates his ability to retrieve a cold one for his owner, only to get stuck inside the fridge.


How Many Of These 71 Fictional Beers Would You Drink? (Answer: All Of Them)

By | 23 Comments

The only thing I want more than a can of Duff Beer is a pint of Romulan Ale.


Watch Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Poop All Over Beer Snobs At The Great American Beer Festival

By | 22 Comments

Everyone's favorite foul-mouthed puppet slams gluten-free beer, stupid craft brewery names, the bathing habits and broken lives of brewers, and more.


The Boston Red Sox Shotgunned Some Beers After Winning Last Night

By | 6 Comments

The Boston Red Sox players shotgunned some beers after winning the ALDS last night. Well, some of them did.


Samuel L. Jackson Partied At Mother F*cking Oktoberfest This Weekend

By | 3 Comments

Actor Samuel L. Jackson enjoyed some beer and German tradition at Oktoberfest in Munich this weekend.

Big Bang Theory

In Which Nick Offerman Sums Up Just About Everything With A Single Beer Metaphor

By | 52 Comments

The line between Nick Offerman and Ron Swanson gets fuzzier by the day. This is not a complaint.


Merry Drunk Pranksters Replace All The Tap Water In A Friend’s House With Beer

By | 4 Comments

This man's living the dream of showering in beer thanks to a very involved prank.


How To Open A Beer With A Frisbee


Here's the most rewarding frisbee trick you'll ever see.


Budweiser Is Calling Shenanigans On Coors’ ‘World’s Most Refreshing Can’ Claim

By | 10 Comments

Budweiser filed a complaint that Coors' claim to have the "world's most refreshing can" is inaccurate, while Coors claims it's advertising "puffery."


Skateboarding Downhill With A Case Of Beer Is A Terrible Idea


A Norwegian skater attempts to transport a case of beer down a big hill.


Let’s Celebrate IPA Day (Which Should Be Every Day) With A Collection Of Beer GIFs

By | 10 Comments

While IPA Day should be every day, we'll still celebrate the actual first Thursday of August with this collection of beer GIFs.

craft beer

‘Beer Labels In Motion’ Might Be The Best Beer Advertising Ever

By | 5 Comments

Beer Labels In Motion combines beer and GIFs. Of course it's brilliant.

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