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The Top Five Beer Festivals


Beer festivals are like pizza; even if they're not great, they're still great. But that said, some are better than others.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Let’s Check In On Berlin’s Preparations For The 2014 FIFA World Cup

By | 2 Comments

World Cup fans in Berlin are already hard at work preparing the city's public viewing area with more kegs of beer than the eye can see.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

Cerveza Cristal’s Pro-Chile World Cup Ads Are Hilariously Terrifying

By | 5 Comments

Chile's soccer fans have a reason to laugh at the 2014 World Cup's 'Group of Death' in these wonderful Cerveza Cristal commercials.


Bacon Fans Saddened By Lack Of Bacon At Beer, Bacon And Music Festival

By | 10 Comments

Bacon and beer lovers spent $125 on tickets for a festival only to stand around in lines all day with no bacon or beer.

#Fascinating Facts

6 Hard-Partying Andre The Giant Stories You May Have Never Heard

By | 27 Comments

Your college drinking buddy has got nothing on Andre The Giant.


Put Your Beer Down And Watch These Guys Do Some Amazing Trick Shots With Their Beer


Go ahead and try to replicate these amazing beer trick shots. We dare you.


Your Guide To The 20 Best Fake Beer Brands From Movies And Television

By | 28 Comments

Get your buzz on with the 20 tastiest fake beers from movies and TV.

#The Walking Dead

UPROXX Exclusive: A Review Of 'The Walking Dead Beer' Brewed With Real Brains

By | 19 Comments

Stacey sampled beer brewed with goat brains from West Philadelphia's Dock Street Brewery for your entertainment. You're welcome!

#Star Trek

Warnog, The Official 'Star Trek' Klingon Beer, Is Here And It Looks Deliciously Dangerous

By | 11 Comments

Have you ever wondered what Klingon beer tasted like? The wait is over. Warnog is here!


Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, And 2Pac Are Alive! (In This Insane Beer Commercial)

By | 5 Comments

Something tells Kurt Cobain wouldn't approve of his likeness being used by a beer company.

Poor Judgment

A Michigan Teacher Thought It Would Be A Great Idea To Give Fifth Graders Non-Alcoholic Beer

By | 5 Comments

Having a teacher serve you beer in the middle of a school day is probably pretty awesome, until you find out it's O'Doul's.


Since It’s St. Patrick’s Day, Let’s Get To Know Guinness A Little Better

By | 10 Comments

Guinness will sell beer by the tanker today, but there's more about the stout that's myth than truth.


Enjoy Your St. Patrick’s Day Beer, Because Science Says Its Actually Good For You

By | 5 Comments

Studies say that beer contain health benefits that can help prevent heart disease and rebuild muscle because science!


Heineken And Sam Adams Are Boycotting St. Patrick’s Day Parades Until Gays Can March

By | 3 Comments

Until gays and lesbians can openly march in St. Patrick's Day parades, Heineken and Sam Adams won't be giving any financial support.


That Escalated Quickly: Idaho Steelhead Fans Are Now Suing Over Beer Fraud

By | 2 Comments

After two fans had a viral video expose deceptive beer sales at the team's arena, four Idaho Steelheads fans are suing for $10,000.


Idaho Steelheads Fans Have Uncovered A Terrible Conspiracy Involving Their Beer

By | 14 Comments

Two Idaho Steelheads fans created a viral hit with their video that revealed the vendors at CenturyLink Arena ripping off beer drinkers.

#game of thrones

Let's Pair The New 'Game Of Thrones' Beer With Notable Episodes Of 'Game Of Thrones'

By | 6 Comments

Ommegang has a new beer out in their Game of Thrones line. But how does it taste? And how does it go with the series itself?


Canada Is Producing A Sports Drink Beer That Has Almost No Alcohol In It, Because Canada


A Canadian company is developing a so-called recovery ale as a "healthy" alternative to traditional beer with 77 calories and 0.5% ABV. Goddammit Canada.

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