“Khakis & Taylors” – Review Of Co$$’ Before I Awoke

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The term “finding yourself” usually evokes imagery of recent well-to-do college graduates, backpacking through Europe on mommy and daddy’s dime in search of some elusive sense of self-awareness.


Co$$ – “Pot Ash” Video


<a href="">Co$$’s</a> video for “Pot Ash” is minimalist, black-and-white.


Co$$ Feat. Sene & Aloe Blacc – “Only When I Dream”

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Before I Awoke drops next week and Co$$ teams with Aloe Blacc and Brooklyn-based MC Sene to release one more audio morsel in the form of the smoothed out track "Only When I Dream.

Sleepwalking Mixtape

Co$$ – Sleepwalking Mixtape


<a href=""> Co$$ has yet to awake from his slumber because his album, Before I Awoke, drops on June 21st. Instead of just resting his head on the pillow until his faith release date, he's literally living out the dream with organic lyricism on his Sleepwalking tape. Peep out the Los Angeles manuscript which includes contributions from Sene, Kemizt and an official awakening intro in "The Realness." Never awake a sleepwalker; the results can be unpredictable. Let that boy float. The tape is on the house while you can pre-order the album at <a href="">Tres Records</a>.

We Got Now

Co$$ – “Spaceman” Video


Get ready to blast off into the innermost R.


Co$$ Feat. Blu – “Through The Flames”

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<a href=""> In life, sometimes each of us needs to sit back and reflect on our lives. Thinking about the past allows us to take stock of our experiences and understand where we must go in the future. In his latest effort "Through The Flames," <a href="">Co$$</a> does just this.

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