50 Cent Feat. Governor – “Do You Think About Me” Video

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<a href="">Curtis</a> the <a href="">auteur </a>continues to pump out the "aggressive" content to extend the shelf life of <a href="">BISD</a>.

Tha Bizness

“Crime Wave” – Review Of 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct

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It's been a long yet lucrative road to the release of <a href="">Before I Self Destruct</a>, 50 Cent's much documented final record on his Interscope contract.


50 Cent Has A Change Of Heart Regarding Album Sales & Artistry

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I really didn't want to speak on this until his official first week numbers came in because, <a href="">outside of water cooler banter</a>, it doesn't really matter much.


Video: 50 Cent’s Before I Self Destruct Movie Teaser

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<a href="">Boo-Boo's</a> life, your entertainment.

#Jay Z

Let’s Be Honest, Who Didn’t See This Coming?

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First off take a long, hard (II) look at the picture above.


50 Cent – “Man’s World”

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A bonus joint off Fif's recently pushed up <a href="">BISD</a>, available now on <a href="">iTunes</a> and all over the place on 11.

Sha Money XL

The Crime Wave Continues…

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G-Unit Films <a href="">continues</a> to ensure their viral product is flooding the e-streets as <a href="">Before I Self Destruct</a> is set to blow like sticks of nitro.


50 Cent Feat. Ne-Yo – “Baby By Me” Video

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Let the campaign for <a href="">Before I Self Destruct</a> get underway.

Young Buck

Notable Quotable – 50 Cent’s “So Disrespectful”

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"That nigga <a href="">Buck</a> like me Tell momma he done smoked the TV I ain't know he fucked with more dope than B.


50 Cent – “Crime Wave” Video

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A feature presentation by Curtis Jackson.


50 Cent – “Crime Wave”

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Maybe he felt he had something to prove after their lil Twitter spat disagreement.


Video: VH1’s 50 Cent Behind The Music

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Probably the most enticing quality of 50 Cent's Behind The Music special is its lack of pitfall.


O.K…You’re Right

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We go through the same ball n' chain routine everytime a rapper is set to release a new album.


50 Cent – “Baby By Me”

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Always the flopophobic, 50 debuts two versions of his latest single to let the fans decide which one should make the cut for Before I Self Destruct.


50 Cent – “Ok, You’re Right” Video

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And here we have the first official for Before I Self Destruct.

War Angel LP

50 Cent – “I’ll Do Anything” Video

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Industry Rule #4083: Boy bands wear matching clothes.

War Angel LP

50 Cent – War Angel LP

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In case you were asleep last night (like I was), here it what you may be looking around for this morning.


50 Cent – “O.K. You’re Right” (Produced By Dr. Dre)

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Now that Relapse is released, Operation: Before I Self Destruct can return to its regularly scheduled programming.

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