Want A Group Of Gypsies To Get Off Your Lawn? Blast Some Dire Straits!

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A Belgian mayor hired a DJ to help drive out some gypsies.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

This 17-Year Old Belgian Girl Went To The World Cup And All She Got Was A Lousy Modeling Contract

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L'Oreal has reportedly signed 17-year old Axelle Despiegelaere to a modeling deal after a photo of her at the World Cup went viral.

#2014 FIFA World Cup

The Most Patriotic People In The Entire World (Pro Wrestlers) Believe The USMNT Will Win

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WWE superstars have thrown 100% of their support behind the USMNT heading into their big World Cup match against Belgium. Even Bo Dallas!


Waffle House Lays The Smack Down On Belgium In Advance Of Tuesday’s USA/Belgium World Cup Match

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Because of the World Cup, Belgium is now the enemy of the USA. Waffle House is leading the charge against them.


Royal Antwerp’s Indoor Soccer Training Routine Is Something That Might Interest You

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The Royal Antwerp indoor soccer team prepared for this weekend's tournament with a rather unusual exercise to improve their shooting accuracy.


A Belgian Goalkeeper Dove To Stop A Shot, Went Headfirst Into The Post, KO’d Self

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I've seen a lot of unfortunate stuff during soccer games -- not limited to fans throwing grenades at players and a kid in San Francisco running the length of the field to score a goal on her own team -- but I've never seen anything quite as coincidentally unfortunate as what happened to Sporting Lokeren goalkeeper Boubacar Copa Barry during Sunday's game against Club Brugge in the Belgian Pro League.


Celebrating America With Patriotic Art Like ‘Bill Clinton The Lady Killer’ (And Afternoon Links)


Today's afternoon links, featuring Jason Heuser's 'Bill Clinton The Lady Killer', a piece of pop culture currency, and a normal day in Bruges.


Meet The Cow That Jumps Hurdles In Belgium


An 11-year old Belgian girl taught a cow how to jump hurdles.


So, Uh, Belgians Are Pretty Good At Layups


I don't know why this exists, but it's a clip of a Belgian basketball player deciding to shoot on his own goal over and over, missing every single shot until somebody runs over and stops him.


Soccer Player Jonathan Legear Seems Like A Pretty Good Driver


Here's a clip of Belgian midfielder Jonathan Legear driving a porsche into a convenience store at 5:30 in the morning.


Catroulette Is Just Like Chatroulette, Except With Adoptable Cats


I could seriously watch this all day. Well done, Catroulette folk. You know how to pull at the internet's heartstrings.


TNT Places Big Red 'Add Drama' Button In Belgian Square, Genius Viral Marketing Ensues


I haven't had the chance to visit Belgium yet, but thanks to Colin Farrell effectively convincing me so in In Bruges every time I think of Belgium I associate it with being boring as hell.

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The First Clip From The Amazing Spider-Man Wants To See What’s In Your Bag


We already posted the first trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man here, here, and here.

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International Trailer For The Amazing Spider-Man Shows New Action

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Sony Pictures has released an alternate cut of that amazing Amazing Spider-Man trailer for Belgium, and there are some different scenes we haven't seen before, albeit short ones.


Newspapers Demand To be On Google After Suing To Be Removed


It's really funny how Europe -- well, Francophones anyway -- doesn't understand the Internet.

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