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Justin Bieber Fans Are Threatening To Kill The Calvin Klein Model He Posed With

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Beliebers are seeing red over a series of racy shots Justin Bieber did with a female model for Calvin Klein.

2014 In Review

Ban Teens: These Are 2014’s Most Popular ‘Music Fan Armies’

By | 17 Comments

You're not a real pop star until you've got a ridiculously named fan army.

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Jim Jefferies Tried To Give His Niece A Surprise From Justin Bieber, But Things Went Awkward Quickly

By | 7 Comments

Justin Bieber is always willing to help out a fan, but sometimes that fan isn't willing to accept Justin Bieber. BEL

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The 10 Creepiest Things Beliebers Are Tweeting On Justin Bieber's 20th Birthday

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It's Justin Bieber's 20th birthday. The weirdos are out in force.

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The Paranoid Belieber Death Cult Has Already Started The ‘Free Justin Bieber’ Movement

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Justin Bieber is innocent and should be out of jail, says EVERY Bieber fan on Twitter.

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Justin Bieber Fans Defended His Baby Seal Tires And Judge Judy Tattoo To Jimmy Kimmel

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The Biebster isn't spiraling out of control because his fans are objective pragmatists.

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Let’s Watch A Fan Dry Hump Justin Bieber In Dubai, Then Get Destroyed By Security

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During a concert in Dubai, a fan bumrushed Justin Bieber while he was performing, and got destroyed.

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Justin Bieber Fainted And Collapsed On Stage Last Night

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Precious Canadian figurine Justin Bieber passed another milestone on the "young superstar morphs into a crackhead" checklist last night in London.

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Black Keys’ Patrick Carney Spent The Past Few Days Trolling The Sh*t Out Of Justin Bieber And His Fans

By | 52 Comments

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney has taken Justin Bieber's identity on Twitter. As you can probably imagine, the Beliebers are PISSED.


We Found The Greatest Comment From A Belieber About Drew Magary’s Justin Bieber Profile For GQ

By | 18 Comments

If there’s one thing I’ve learned today, it’s this: NEVER do a Facebook or Twitter search for "Justin Bieber.

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