Comments of the Week: Kirk Cameron

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There's no doubting this week's Comment of the Week.


Documentarians sue to prove “Happy Birthday” is public domain

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Incredibly, Warner/Chappel music continues to collect royalties on the use of "Happy Birthday," despite <a href="" target="_blank">many people</a> pointing out that it should be considered public domain (not to mention common sense screaming the same thing).


Happy birthday, Kirk Cameron!

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Just a reminder that it was one year ago today that Kirk Cameron <a href="" target="_blank">celebrated his 41st birthday</a> with 42 inches of Subway sandwich in a sad birthday celebration seen 'round the world.


Kirk Cameron swears his birthday party was actually super fun and everyone came

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Last week, <a href="" target="_blank">we posted</a> this now-infamous photo of Kirk Cameron's birthday party.

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