‘The Ultimate Charles Bronson Movie Trailer’ Is A Feast Of Leathery Vigilantism

By | 20 Comments

New supercut proves that of Charles Bronson's movies were insanely similar. And we're all okay with that.


Samuel Jackson Saying Motherf**ker, The Ultimate Supercut

By | 9 Comments

Samuel L. Jackson has uttered the word "motherf*cker" 171 times in his film career and this video has every one of them.


New Supercut Combines All Of The Cinematic Penis Nicknames

By | 16 Comments

Lots of guys in movies have dumb nicknames for their penises, as this supercut shows.


“Eat Sh*t and Die”, the Supercut

By | 11 Comments

"Eat sh*t and die" always struck me as a weird insult.


“You look like sh*t,” The Supercut

By | 6 Comments

Here's the latest movie supercut making its way around the internet, a supercut of "You look like sh*t.

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